Swim Out: desynchronised swimming

You’re missing the pool, right? Rediscover the joys of crowded pools with Swim Out, a puzzle-game that demands logic and wits from those who aren’t scared of doing laps at Aqualand!

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With many pools currently closed or only accepting limited numbers due to the pandemic, time is really starting to drag for many regular swimmers. While you’re waiting to slip into your best bathing suit and rack up the laps in an Olympic pool, there’s nothing like a good puzzle game like Swim Out to pass the time!

There’s just one hitch: here, you play as a person who seems to enjoy swimming through synchronised swimming or kayak competitions! Your job is to get your little blue swimmer out of this chlorinated maze, avoiding any contact with the obstacles that appear, lap after lap. Because in Swim Out, there’s only one rule: don’t touch the other swimmers, or you’ll hear the lifeguard’s whistle and be whisked back to the start!

Lozange Lab Lozange Lab Swim Out

Developed by Lozange Lab, Swim Out is a logic game with a soothing atmosphere and a clean ‘30s aesthetic that will give you plenty of time to reflect as you progress through the game.

You’ll be going for a dip in some of the most packed pools in the world, armed only with your patience, logic, and swimming cap. Fortunately for you, the lifeguard is a lot more tolerant of other lacks of courtesy. This means that you can throw floats or beach balls at other swimmers, causing them to stay still for a few turns.

Lozange Lab Lozange Lab Swim Out

Take the time to observe their movements and particularities, or else face getting stuck in a corner of the pool. Some swimmers are happy just going back and forth, while others prefer to dive across several squares or perform an aquatic ballet with awful timing!

Now you just have to figure out who put the boomerangs and man-eating crabs in here!

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