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Blitz Brigade

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With its cartoony graphics, character classes, and online multiplayer gameplay, Blitz Brigade is a fun – and funny – take on first person shooters! Everyone loves it! Players do battle in games of 6 vs. 6, tops. There are a total of five character classes to unlock, and a whole arsenal of weaponry to buy and put to use.

If we told you about an online multiplayer game with cartoon graphics that's loads of fun and would give your kids a break from Fortnite, would you give it a shot? Well, here's our favourite in the form of Blitz Brigade, an online FPS where you play as an overpowered soldier in World War II. You'll need to get in a bit of practice in single player mode before diving in to the epic battles with up to 12 players, but once you do, it's loads of fun.

Blitz Brigade - Gameloft - Gaming's just more fun online!

Imagine the scene: the year is 1940 and the Axis (the bad guys in red) and Allied (the good guys in blue) forces have realised that a global war would be a disaster. And so, they decide to leave the toughest soldiers on each side to face off in arenas filled with rifles, bombs, tanks, helicopters, and some much more surprising weapons.

Let the carnage commence!

Blitz Brigade - Gameloft - Gaming's just more fun online!

The matches last 5 minutes tops, the environments are gorgeous, and the characters look like cartoon heroes.

There are five character classes to choose from: the versatile Soldier who can capture flags quicker than anyone else; the Gunner who's slow but hard to kill; the Sniper who excels in dealing death from a distance; the Stealth class who sneaks around with silenced pistols; and our favourite, the Medic who can heal teammates and take down enemies with a pump-action shotgun.

Blitz Brigade - Gameloft - Gaming's just more fun online!

We loved the variety of multiplayer game modes.

There's Domination, where two teams of six do battle across vast open-world maps complete with vehicles. The first team to score 50 points wins, with points being awarded for killing enemies and controlling flags on the map.

Then there's Deathmatch, where two teams of four players face off. These battles are played on smaller maps with no vehicles or flags. The only way to score points is by killing members of the opposing team.

In Capture the Flag, each team strives to capture their opponents' flag. Players need to grab the opponents' flag and bring it back to their base, but if the enemy captures your flag, you'll need to bring it back to your own base before you can capture theirs. At the start of each match, players choose a team and a character class. The winner is the team that successfully captures the other team's flag three times.

Last but not least, there's Free For All. This is a traditional game mode where every player fights alone against everyone else. There are no teams here: it's every player for themselves!

Blitz Brigade - Gameloft - Gaming's just more fun online!

Our advice? When you reach the final rank every 100 games, you'll unlock new VIP weapons that are incredibly powerful and really worth getting your hands on.

Our tip: take your helicopter as high as possible and find a nice spot to camp and snipe in comfort!

The gameplay is easy to get to grips with and really intuitive, and the fun begins as soon as you pick up the controller!

A cross between Battlefield , Team Fortress and Overwatch… What more could you want??!!

Blitz Brigade
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Publisher: Gameloft

Developer: Gameloft

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