An homage to the graphic novel.




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This FPS (with stealth elements) and its graphics, dotted with speech bubbles and panels, is a tribute to Jean Van Hamme and William Vance's cult graphic novel. In addition to the many weapons, you can also use the environment to stay safe, then there's the hand-to-hand combat and grapple to reach inaccessible areas. Dive into this amnesiac adventure!

XII needs no introduction as a classic in graphic novel circles.

It tells the story of a man who has lost his memories and his identity, in an unknown place. The only clue to his identity are the numerals XIII tattooed on his brawny frame. Hunted by a band of killers, he learns that some very high up government and military figures want him tracked down.

XIII - Microids - An homage to the graphic novel.

The eponymous game encompasses the plot of the first five graphic novels. Released on the Switch in 2022, it's a remastered version of a hit game from 2003.

We liked the graphic novel aesthetic: this is an FPS with cel-shading graphics that retain the graphic novel's style, and it even includes the comic strip itself with speech bubbles and onomatopoeia. It's a fine tribute that anyone who likes unique graphics will love!

XIII - Microids - An homage to the graphic novel.

Throughout the game, you play as XIII and set out completing objectives like not getting spotted, not killing innocents, or cutting and restarting power, etc.

To help you, you have access to a wide arsenal of weapons that XIII will need to draw quicker than his hunters, ranging from the compact 9mm with silencer all the way through to a bazooka! You can choose your preferred playstyle or switch things up whenever you like. To assist your efforts at infiltration there's a grapple, hooks, and even a mic that you can use to eavesdrop on conversations from a distance.

XIII - Microids - An homage to the graphic novel.

Our tip to help you on with the stealth sequences? XIII must never get spotted and always take out enemies one by one. He might also need to hide the bodies of neutralised enemies. Make sure you don't get spotted: if you do, it's back to the start of the mission or the last checkpoint. And always search bystanders (even the innocent ones) for items that might come in handy.

XIII - Microids - An homage to the graphic novel.

Our advice? You don't need to have read the graphic novels to understand the plot, but some levels are violent and not for the faint-hearted. This isn't a game for kids.

A new way to experience a classic graphic novel!

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Publisher: Microids

Developer: PlayMagic

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