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Button City

Adorable, cute, and moving

Button City

Button City


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A cute little feel-good game that's warm, adorable, comforting, and 100% non-violent. Welcome to the bright, animal-based world of this easygoing RPG based on friendship and cooperation. You'll play as Fennel, a little fox who's new in town and wants to make friends in the local arcade. We loved it.

In the mood for something cute, sensitive, and non-violent? In Button City you play as Fennel, a little fox. He's new in town and needs to make friends he can play games with in the local arcade: Button City. Button City is where all of the kittens, baby rabbits, and puppies go to play Gobabots, the strategy game everyone wants to play.

Button City - Subliminal - Adorable, cute, and moving

And because you're in an arcade, you can also play the games found inside. That's right: games within a game! Unfortunately, though, the arcade is under threat of being bought out and demolished to satisfy a businessman's hunger for cold, hard cash.

We loved the game's cutesy vibe.

Button City - Subliminal - Adorable, cute, and moving

Everything in Button City is simply adorable: the plot, the characters, the colours, and the dialogue... and especially the story, which is genuinely moving. It deals with themes like true friendship and the struggles of adult life. The dialogue is funny, but it also touches on some deep and poignant subjects – such as Alzheimer's disease – without ever being harsh or mean.

Our favourite part was the varied non-violent quests.

Most of them are pretty straightforward. You'll be obtaining items for your friends, delivering packages, handing out flyers for concerts, or picking up rubbish to make new friends. These little quests are all generally quite pleasant and reward you with cosmetic items that boost your character and bring an added dash of style.

Button City - Subliminal - Adorable, cute, and moving

Some, though, are more original, like the one where you need to make lemonade by synchronising button pushes to mash, press, and pour the lemons into the glass.

Our advice? Never be shy of fast travelling between locations. On some missions it will save you lots of time.

A great game for ages 10+.

Button City
  • Age3


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Publisher: Subliminal

Developer: Subliminal

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