Alpine - The Simulation Game

Sweet mountain air!

In this ski resort management sim (from the team that also developed Winter Resort Simulator), you’ll be jetting off to a little mountain village that has nothing to envy Val Thorens. Expect to be grooming pistes before you race down them, making deliveries to high mountain restaurants on a snowmobile, installing gates to the pistes and a whole lot more! The mountains are good for the soul!

Alpine - The Simulation Game

Alpine - The Simulation Game

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    HR Innoways

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    Aerosoft GmbH

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¡NaNo, this isn't a racer starring the iconic Renault sportscar! What we have instead is a management game that sees you running a ski resort in the Alps.

Your main mission is to transform a dated village resort into a worthy rival of Courchevel or Les Arcs.

Aerosoft GmbH HR Innoways Alpine - The Simulation Game

What you can expect: driving snowgroomers and snowmobiles, designing pistes, keeping ski lifts in good working order, and tearing down the mountain on your skis.

If you've played Winter Resort Simulator, you'll already know what to expect: Alpine is a simplified, less hardcore single-player take on the game with its own story mode. You'll need to complete missions to progress through the story, but it's super easy to pick up and play, suitable for gamers aged 10+. It's a great introduction to management games as it never punishes the player.

The environments are great to look at, and change with the time of day.

Aerosoft GmbH HR Innoways Alpine - The Simulation Game

You can also select your missions in the newspaper and proudly watch your resort growing across the map.

We liked the varied missions. They include: making deliveries of various accessories, clearing snowbanks, putting up signs, cruising around on a range of vehicles and, of course, on skis, so that you can enjoy the slopes for yourself.

Our favourite part? The way you can choose between views inside or outside of the different vehicles, especially when you're grooming the pistes.

Aerosoft GmbH HR Innoways Alpine - The Simulation Game

Our advice? Save your progress before each mission, because you won't be able to save while a mission is in progress.

Once you've completed the story, Alpine becomes a sandbox game and you’re free to explore in your vehicles, operate the ski lifts, and ski to your heart's content.

This is a very easy-going take on management. You don't need to worry about fuel for your vehicles or even how much money you have in the bank, and whenever you hop on a ski lift (which you've just repaired), you're teleported straight to the top so no time is wasted.

A great casual gaming experience for mountain lovers.

Alpine - The Simulation Game

Alpine - The Simulation Game

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