de Blob 2

de Blob 2

Fresh lick of paint!

de Blob 2

de Blob 2

THQ Nordic

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A fresh lick of paint! If you ever fell under the spell of de Blob back in the Wii days, you'll love this sequel that contains everything that made the first game so great. This game, developed by Blue Tongue Entertainment, is a celebration of colour, creativity, and video-game fun. Suitable for all ages.

In de Blob 2, you're back playing as Blob, a gelatinous creature that can absorb and reuse paint. The story begins in a world that is full of colour, but where the calm is disturbed by a baddie known as Enkr, who wants to rid the world of colour.

de Blob 2 - THQ Nordic - Fresh lick of paint!

Your job, with help from your trusty team, is to hunt down Enkr and bring some joy and colour back into the world. The plot is a simple one, but this isn't a game you play for the story. Instead, it's all about the original gameplay that gamers of all ages will love.

You collect paint from public fountains and hostile items belonging to Enkr's army. Once you're all loaded up, you can repaint buildings and their residents to bring some colour back into their life.

Our favourite part? Unlike other games that demand precision firepower in order to win, here it's all about splashing colour around wherever you can.

de Blob 2 - THQ Nordic - Fresh lick of paint!

Our tip to help you on your way? Don't overlook water. Pull RT in the water and you'll shrink, be stripped of all colour and reduced to 10 hit points... But, because you're smaller, you can squeeze through tighter spaces.

We also liked the pace of de Blob 2, which is pretty easy-going and almost relaxing thanks to its nice, simple levels. The game never turns into a straightforward frenetic race. Instead, it serves up an experience that can almost be used to aid relaxation while also keeping things moving by using the LT (combined with the right joystick to switch targets) that lets Blob aim and then jump into the targeted object.

de Blob 2 - THQ Nordic - Fresh lick of paint!

You can also mix colours, but you'll need to use the Chromabots found in the grey areas from Level 2 onwards.

The soundtrack is great, too. It's influenced by your actions, with each colour corresponding to a specific instrument that adds its notes to the background track.

The replayability is another highlight of the game. The main campaign will take you around 20 hours to complete, or even more for beginner gamers.

de Blob 2 - THQ Nordic - Fresh lick of paint!

But in addition to the main story, there's plenty of side quests, challenges, and grey folks to free, meaning plenty of extra content. The game also comes with a competitive multiplayer mode for fun as a family.

de Blob 2
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Publisher: THQ Nordic

Developer: Blue Tongue Entertainment

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