The Crackpet Show

The Crackpet Show

Cartoon carnage.

The Crackpet Show

The Crackpet Show

Ripples Asia Venture

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A bloody 2D shooter that's also a parody of reality TV where the contestants are replaced by braindead mutant animals like the trippy rabbit and psycho shark. Inspired by American Ninja Warrior, but if you fail, you die. Loads of fun in multiplayer, this is one for fans of Neon Chrome or Tesla vs Lovecraft. Adults only.

If you like a bit of cray-cray, black humour, and vulgarity... you're in the right place.

In this frantic shooter you'll be playing as deranged animals tasked with surviving a post-apocalyptic TV show, a kind of deadly Ninja Warrior known as The Crackpet Show.

The Crackpet Show - Ripples Asia Venture - Cartoon carnage.

In short, you play as a crazed animal that wouldn't look out of place in Happy Tree Friends (a violent cartoon starring cute little animals) who is trying to survive waves of enemies.

You'll be armed with weapons, each crazier than the last, as you blast your way through anything that poses a threat in each room. Automatic weapons inflict less damage but have a much higher rate of fire than the shotgun, which takes more time to reload. It's up to you to choose your playstyle but one thing is certain: there will be blood!

The Crackpet Show - Ripples Asia Venture - Cartoon carnage.

As you kill your foes, you'll collect money, bonuses, items, and extra life. The Crackpet Show is broken up into different episodes, each with their own unique features and boss.

We loved the menagerie of animals engaged in hellish, madcap firefights.

The gameplay is easy to get to grips with, but take care as it's not your usual fare: you'll need to keep moving to dodge enemy fire, but as soon as you are within range of an enemy you take aim automatically. It's original but it takes a few minutes to get used to.

The Crackpet Show - Ripples Asia Venture - Cartoon carnage.

The thing that's really good about this game is its sense of satirical humour that lets you vent your frustration. Anything can happen when the droppings hit the fan: you can massacre members of the audience in the studio and even tear down the posters on walls of the arena.

Our tip to help you on your way? Remember that each contestant on The Crackpet Show has their own special ability, such as healing all damage or temporarily turning into a tornado that damages anything it hits.

The Crackpet Show - Ripples Asia Venture - Cartoon carnage.

With procedurally generated levels, the game is playable in up to 4-player local multiplayer, and this is when the game really shines. You're guaranteed frenzied, gory battles that anyone who's sick of political correctness will love.

To the victor the spoils, in the form of lucrative sponsorship deals.

Reality TV, but not as you know it!

The Crackpet Show
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Publisher: Ripples Asia Venture

Developer: Vixa Games

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