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In this local multiplayer fighting game, one player has to block the path of the rest by playing the architect. A real tormenter, you'll be in control of the arena in which your pals fo battle. The architect can set up traps, make structures disappear, and collapse bridges, etc. A fun party game for when you've got a score to settle.

Developed by Torque Studios in the UK, Glitchrunners is a multiplayer brawler, a party game where up to four players compete at once. Players face off in an arena where they also have to tangle with a twisted AI "architect" that places traps across the level, removes buildings, causes bridges to collapse... and more.

Glitchrunners - Green Man Gaming Publishing - Platforming, parkour, and combat

Your job is to make it through to the end of each level, scaling ramps and smashing obstacles. You can pick up weapons like the hammer which you can use to hit objects, as well as explosives to help you get through obstacles. You'll also earn points for dodging enemy attacks.

It's a kind of chaotic hack 'n’ slash where even the environment is a threat.

Glitchrunners - Green Man Gaming Publishing - Platforming, parkour, and combat

Our favourite part? The arena mode, where the most chaotic battles take place. The architect's interventions, like the trains that appear out of nowhere, as well as the platform-based levels, all add to the game's difficulty.

We liked the cartoon graphics and simple controls that even the crustiest gamers in the family will be able to master. The arenas are all varied and combine platforming, parkour, and combat.

Glitchrunners - Green Man Gaming Publishing - Platforming, parkour, and combat

Our advice? The game is excellent in multiplayer but it's more than worth a shot in single-player mode. With different difficulty levels and adaptive AI, you can go it alone against a computer-controlled architect! He never gets bored of the game...

  • Age12


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Publisher: Green Man Gaming Publishing

Developer: Torque Studios

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