Twin Cobra

Twin Cobra

Chopper nostalgia.

Twin Cobra

Twin Cobra

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Twin Cobra is the sequel to Tiger Heli, another vertical shooter from Toaplan, where this time, you are flying a helicopter. Your mission is simple: destroy anything that drives, flies, or floats! Be warned: this is no easy game!

Here at Blacknut, we often hanker after the games from our childhood and teenage years. Twin Cobra is just such a game: a shooter where you play as a helicopter, back from the golden age of arcade gaming and the Mega Drive.

Twin Cobra - Bitwave Games - Chopper nostalgia.

An outstanding production in its day, Twin Cobra boasts fluid animation and never slows down. As an added bonus, the excellently composed music that stays in your head long after you've finished playing. It gets our trigger fingers itching!

You control a helicopter that immediately responds to your commands, letting you fire on anything that moves. The collision detection is on point, too! It's such a satisfying game!

Twin Cobra - Bitwave Games - Chopper nostalgia.

But watch out, as with most old school games, it's very hard, even in easy mode. You'll be struggling, so we recommend going into the game's options and giving yourself five lives.

Our advice? Because the super bombs don't have a vast range and offer almost zero protection, you'll need to collect three or four power-ups before your firepower is really up to the job. But it's not that straightforward: you lose all the power-ups when you die!

Twin Cobra - Bitwave Games - Chopper nostalgia.

We liked that two players can play at the same time. It makes things much easier, and makes the game much more fun. We'd definitely recommend playing in multiplayer from the outset.

Our favourite part? The variety of levels. Both the environments and the bad guys are varied, which was pretty rare back in the day. Then there's the various different weapons (standard red forward fire, four-directional fire, a big green laser, and 3-way blue ammo).

Quality retro gaming!

Twin Cobra
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Publisher: Bitwave Games

Developer: Toaplan

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