Equestrian Training

Equestrian Training

For budding pros.

Equestrian Training

Equestrian Training


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For riders who want to pass or revise their exams. Equestrian Training is a nice game/programme to help students prepare for their riding exams (in French). Dotted with nice minigames with three different activities: endurance racing, obstacle jumping, and grooming. Learn while having fun!

More than just a game, this is a fun way to study. Equestrian Training is a game from Microids Life designed primarily for riders who are studying towards their horse-riding exams.

Equestrian Training - Microids - For budding pros.

The game contains 2500 questions and answers written by professionals from the equestrian world.

We liked the simple interface that lets you see your progress and stats, the comprehensive glossary containing the definition of hundreds of technical terms from the equestrian world, as well as minigames that are a great way to relax.

Equestrian Training - Microids - For budding pros.

There are three main game modes:

Training, with sessions that are entirely customisable: you can choose the theme (riding, knowledge or grooming) and the number of questions, and decide if you want to be tested against the clock.

Exam: answer 20 questions against the clock, in real examination conditions. Every test you successfully complete unlocks the next level, all the way to level 7.

The minigame mode features three different activities: endurance racing, show jumping and horse grooming.

Equestrian Training - Microids - For budding pros.

This third game mode, which is really a sim, is also a great way to learn the technical terms for different kinds of horse, as well as the different grooming tools and what they do.

Our tip to help you on your way? When you're grooming the horse with a brush to remove loose hair and dust, remember to turn the horse around so you clean both sides!

A great learning aid coupled with minigames that will delight budding riders!

Equestrian Training
  • Age3


  • SmartTvDesktopMobileTablet


  • Multi


  • GamepadKeyboardTouch


Publisher: Microids

Developer: Smart Tale Games

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