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Whether you dream of making music or just want to discover new genres, this is the game for you. The puzzles are really well-designed and set a nice chilled pace for the game. So cool.

Rytmos is a relaxing puzzle game designed by musicians, specifically to give non-musicians some stimulating downtime.

The world of Rytmos is divided into seven solar systems each based on a different style of music. Within each solar system there are three 6-sided planets, and each face of the planet contains a puzzle to solve. Solve the puzzle, and your reward is a little musical loop. The puzzles are pretty cool and easy to get to grips with, and genuinely accessible to all. There's no stress here.

Rytmos - Floppy Club - Chilled compositions.

There's no time limit and if you get stuck on a particular planet, you can just skip to the next level and come back later.

With every puzzle you solve, you unlock a new tune. As you unlock these little tunes, they get incorporated into the ambient music to create a full track.

When you complete a world you'll also unlock a playable instrument as an added bonus. You can use it to record a short tune or beat to jam along to the track you've just created.

Rytmos - Floppy Club - Chilled compositions.

As you progress through the game, the little tunes evolve into real musical compositions.

We liked the highly polished artistic direction, and the chilled-out vibes it creates.

Rytmos - Floppy Club - Chilled compositions.

What makes Rytmos interesting is how the music evolves. The musical loops that you create combines with those from other planets, creating unique musical sequences.

Our favourite part? The ability to play along to the music of each planet with more than 20 unlockable musical instruments.

As you play Rytmos, you'll also discover little known facts about music from all over the world, adding a cultural dimension to the whole experience. This makes it a great way to discover German electro, Indonesian gamelan, Ethiopian jazz, Japanese environmental music, and even the Zimbabwean kalimba!

Rytmos - Floppy Club - Chilled compositions.

To help you on your way: each puzzle has several solutions, so try new compositions if you start feeling stuck.

Rytmos is a musical puzzle game, not a rhythm game. You don't have to try to follow the beat and you aren't graded on your precision. This is a chilled-out game that will make you feel like a real composer. You can even save your tracks and store them in the built-in playlist.

A videogaming gem!

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Publisher: Floppy Club

Developer: Floppy Club

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