Super Toy Cars

Maniacs at the wheel.

Who hasn’t played with toy cars when they were a kid? Having hours of fun making them drive across all kinds of surfaces, real and imagined. The developers at Eclipse Games must have had a very long childhood, when you see their baby: Super Toy Cars.

😢 We are sorry, this game is currently not available.

Here we go for another lap.

Super Toy Cars is a game where toy cars race on miniature tracks. The tracks are made from household items, whether that’s boxes of cereal, Lego, and anything else. So while it may be no Mario Kart, Super Toy Cars never intended to compete with Nintendo’s famous racer.

The gameplay is easy to pick up, being similar to that found in most racing games. It takes a few races to get the hang of your ride, but once you do, the game will be a breeze. The various in-game items, a mainstay of arcade racing games, are nothing mind-blowingly original, but if the same gadgets are found in all these different games, it must with good reason. It works!

Super Toy Cars has several game modes, all of which are standard in racing games. There’s a level editor and a “free race” mode for quick games with your friends. But the lion’s share of the game is found in its story mode, which is where you’ll unlock new vehicles and upgrades. In story mode, in addition to the standard races, there are also eliminator races and time trials with checkpoints, a bit like Ferrari Grand Prix Challenge on the NES. Pay attention at the wheel: Lego blocks and Nesquik can topple at any time.

Super Toy Cars is a game best played with friends. Like with all racing games, it’s more fun with friends and maybe a pizza.
So if you like toy cars, and used to play with Corgi and Hot Wheels, come take these Toybox Turbos for a spin!

😢 We are sorry, this game is currently not available.