Shape of the World: a soothing psychedelic journey

You’ve never played anything like this before: perfect for cultivating that Zen state of mind, and a trip that’s unforgettable for all the right reasons! You’ll soon be hooked on this dreamlike world that you explore in first person as you interact with the plant and wildlife. A soothing trip, like a legal high.

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    Hollow Tree Games

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    Plug In Digital

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No story, no objectives... Shape of the World lets you wander wherever your fancy takes you, as you explore landscapes that are revealed as you make your way through the world.
It’s difficult to describe the game itself, so we’ll tell you about the experience, instead.

« Journey through a psychedelic and colourful ecosystem of flourishing flora, rambling waterfalls, burgeoning mountains, glowing monoliths and graceful creatures. ».

Plug In Digital	 Hollow Tree Games Shape of the World

A number of environments are available to you once you find the hidden doorways, often accessed after completing some simple tasks (like activating five items). The game is a simple invitation to travel, jump, and scatter seeds (which you’ll first need to harvest) to grow trees... and that’s it. What this unique game really leverages is your ability to admire its artistic direction.

In the same vein as Proteus or Flower, Shape of the World is a 3D exploration and meditation game that takes place in a random procedurally generated world that grows with the player’s progression. It seems like the devs focused mainly on the visuals, which are very colourful – even flashy – and sometimes pastel, to invite players along on what is clearly a psychedelic stroll. Reds rubs shoulders with black, blues light up the sky that takes shape before your very eyes, and trees sprout leaves as white as snow... It’s a full-on trippy experience, without the Class-As!

Plug In Digital	 Hollow Tree Games Shape of the World

You’ll also enjoy watching the variety of beautiful creatures that populate the game, but bear in mind that the wildlife isn’t always friendly, and indeed, some creatures give just as good as they get.

The soundtrack is a real highlight, as it adapts to your exploration...
Composed of animal noises, the sounds of nature, and gentle music, it is lovely to listen to and is always there with you in the game, and it is exactly these details that make Shape of the World a relaxing game that’s a pleasure to play.

Perfect when you need to recharge your batteries after a long day of working (from home).

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