Pretentious Game

A love story without pretention.

A stripped back platform game with a poetry of its own, where a blue cube desperately tries to reach the love of its life: the little pink cube. All in a decidedly bare bones aesthetic.

😢 We are sorry, this game is currently not available.

Fans of cutting-edge graphics, walk away now... Unless you want to sample a little videogaming marvel! Hyper-minimalist, Pretentious Game shows that it is indeed possible to make a really good game on a shoestring.

Pretentious Game offers an excellent gaming experience, thanks to its crystal-clear game design. Each scene manages to tie the gameplay to the narrative, both of which perfectly interlock to give the player’s actions real meaning.

The simplicity of the plot and the game’s increasing difficulty and soothing music all combine to immerse you in the game’s atmosphere and the sad story of its characters, who just happen to be little coloured cubes.

On each level, a little bit of text tells you more about these cubic protagonists and their feelings, along with a clue to complete the level! Once you understand the mechanics, you’ll learn to use the horizontal movement and jump buttons at the right time.

Sometimes, you’ll also need to interact with the interface directly. The puzzles are generally on the easier side, but they are enjoyable and filled with lessons for your love life. It’s a truly unique game that refuses to be pigeonholed, and blends narrative and puzzle-solving.

One to play with your partner.

😢 We are sorry, this game is currently not available.