Jazz: Trump's Journey

The birth of Jazz.

Discover this tasty platform game that pays a vibrant tribute to jazz in the roaring 20s! Transported into the memories of an old jazz man by the name of Trump, you’ll relive his wildest memories, like the early days of New Orleans Jazz, or the formation of his super-group and his encounter with the Lady Poppy...

😢 We are sorry, this game is currently not available.

In turns rousing, frantic, and melancholy, the trumpet is a unique instrument in the music world in general, and in jazz, in particular. But before they became legends of the genre, Dizzy Gillespie, Miles Davis, Duke Ellington and Chet Baker had to put in a lot of practice. Something that is also true of our Trump, here (no relation to Donald!), an old trumpet player with a passing likeness to Louis Armstrong, who takes you on a trip down memory lane to 1920s New Orleans and the early days of local jazz. Back then, his dream was to become a musician known for having won the heart of the beautiful Lady Poppy.

With a sharp smile, you’ll be tracking down a band whose members will help you along the way on your adventure. And every time you recruit one of them, their instrument will be added to the game’s soundtrack! But for now, your only weapon is your trusty trumpet. Fortunately, it has the power to stop time as well as produce harmonious notes!

Whether you’re a diehard music fan or just curious, JAZZ: Trump’s Journey is sure to make an impression. With gameplay suitable for the whole family, as long as you know what a musical note looks like, this 2D platformer developed by Egg Ball also features almost-sepia graphics that do a great job of evoking the roaring 20s.

Of course, the soundtrack is an ode to New Orleans jazz, and evolves as you find companions you can jam with. But rest easy, there’s no need to have studied music to make it to the end of a level. A few well-timed jumps and a bit of logic, courage, and ingenuity are all it takes to solve most of the game’s puzzles.

Some items, like boxes, feature a treble clef, and can be moved around! Just remember to collect photos of each level (to make a pretty scrapbook), along with the musical notes hidden here and there, if you want to get 100% completion for this swinging adventure!

😢 We are sorry, this game is currently not available.