Gloom: Digital Edition, an unhappy family, your way!

Blacknut LeMag - 20 Oct 21
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Discover the famous card game in this video game version where everyone dies in the end! Dive into a monochrome world with a sombre, melancholy atmosphere, where you’ll need to help your family journey into the afterlife by any means possible (and even imaginable!), while making sure your opponent families stay happy and prosperous!

Nope! Card games aren’t quite dead yet! Some of them have even been transformed into video game versions that work really well. Gloom is one of them! The famous card game created by Keith Baker and Atlas Games is now on a screen near you, with a graphical and musical style that Tim Burton himself would be proud of, somewhere between the poetic and the macabre.

The aim of the game also tends towards the sinister and has a healthy dose of black humour. You control the miserable future of a weird family, and your job is to kill them all one by one! To achieve this tragic accident as quickly as possible, you’ll have to make good use of your five cards – two per turn – in the hope that they have a negative impact on the members of your family and their sense of self-esteem. On the menu: Incurable diseases, supernatural curses, and wild animals! In parallel, you’ll need to use the positive cards on your opponents’ families, and pray for their happiness and good health!

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Funded through a successful Kickstarter campaign and developed by the independent Sky Ships Studios, Gloom - Digital Edition is a turn-based card game whose deliciously dark concept has already proven popular. Suitable for the whole family, as long as they have a keen sense of irony or wish their last name was “Addams”, newcomers will nevertheless need a few warm-up games to get to grips with how it works. To be clear, a game ends when every member of a family dies.

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To decide the winner, other players need to tally up the “pathos points” for each of their deceased relatives. The winner is the one whose family has the lowest self-esteem and the darkest history. Fans of the “physical” card game will find the morose spirit and black and white aesthetic of Keith Baker’s original, this time with animated characters who are never short on just as dark one-liners!
A deliciously morbid game, whose short rounds will be popular with anyone who smiles at the darker side of life.

Gloom: Digital Edition

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