This Sunday it’s Halloween!

Blacknut LeMag - 29 Oct 21
Hero : ©Valentine Teyssier

The perfect day to settle in for some chills and thrills once the kids are out trick or treating. And we mean it: none of these games are suitable for younger gamers, or for the faint of heart!

Among the Sleep - Enhanced Edition

©Krillbite Studio

Are childhood fears your worst nightmare? Well, this unusual horror game will see you put on the romper suit of a two-year-old. You haven’t yet learned to talk, you move around on all fours, and your teddy bear is your only weapon to fend off the evil that lurks around you.


©Deep Silver

Plunged into a blizzard in the great Canadian north, you’re in a village in the middle of nowhere in Quebec where very strange things are afoot. Part detective game, part open world survival, the oppressive atmosphere is a real triumph. You’re guaranteed to jump out of your skin on several occasions!

Home Sweet Home (Ep.2)


An amazingly terrifying game! Who’s that following you with a Stanley knife? Just keep running, and never look back. You’re only option is to keep hidden throughout this game that’s like an Asian Blair Witch. One tip though: play Home sweet home 1 first...

Those Who Remain

©Wired Productions

Give this one a miss if you’re scared of the dark. From puzzles to enigmas, you’ll have to light your way with a lighter, wooden torch, flashlight, or a projector, or else face getting caught by “the others”. As oppressive as they come.

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