Those Who Remain : hell is other people

Blacknut LeMag - 04 May 21
Hero : ©Wired Productions

You’re too old to be scared of the dark, right? Rediscover that fear in this gripping narrative game, where you are the judge of condemned souls in a city plunged into darkness. Guaranteed spine-tingling chills!

Life is a series of choices and, in Those Who Remain, death is, too! You’ll even have to switch between the two to solve a mystery that’s as impenetrable as the darkness that surrounds you, and seems to be watching... As turns out to be the case: the darkness conceals a horde of condemned souls patiently waiting for you to step into the darkness and bump into them.

It is against this backdrop of cinematic horror that you decide the fate of Edward, a man with a troubled past whose life was plunged into darkness when his mistress disappeared from a shabby motel in Dormont, USA. It’s a sorrowful mystery that will soon pique even greater interest with the disappearance of Annika, probably linked to all the others. Your job is to find out why the city remains in darkness, and what supernatural force lies behind these strange events!

©Wired Productions

Featuring fluid and straightforward gameplay, Those Who Remain is a narrative game in the form of a psychological thriller that should be a hit with gamers who like to feel scared and work hard to survive in (very) hostile environments. But the game does have wider appeal, too. The achluophobes out there (people with an irrational and uncontrollable fear of darkness) definitely won’t be able to handle the pitch black environment and the sense of dread that comes with the shining eyes of Dormont’s ghosts, but they might enjoy the complex storyline with a firm focus on the paranormal and the mystical. You’ll play a kind of Saint Peter, deciding the fate of deceased souls, and your decisions affect how the story and investigation turn out.

©Wired Productions

Edward will have to resolve plenty of no-win dilemmas, all while trying to stay alive himself. You should also expect plenty of surprises and extremely stressful moments along your adventure, as the devs at Camel 101 seem to take a twisted pleasure in concealing more complex traps or mechanisms in a few game locations. From puzzles to riddles, you’ll always need to illuminate your path with a lighter, campfire, torch, or projector, or else face being caught by the “others”. As you’ll no doubt have guessed, if you want to avoid that fate: stay in the light!

Those Who Remain

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