6 games for fans of quirky little race cars

Blakncut LeMag - 19 Nov 21
Hero : ©DR

Who says that video games make people lonely? Probably the same people who’ve never heard of these arcade racers that promise a great time with your friends in multiplayer. It’s impossible not to have fun with these games that are all super easy to just pick up and play. They’re often quirky and sometimes frenetic, but they never take themselves too seriously. Here, we’ve brought you a selection of games that are 100% fun, and there’s something for all tastes and gamers of all ages.

When you hear “racing games”, you often think of simulations. You know, those games where you get to drive cars that you could never afford in real life, games that take hours of practice to tame your steed, and where the slightest technical slip will stop you from matching Sébastien Loeb or securing a place on that F1 podium. Games that demand time and experience. And yet, the racing game pantheon also includes arcade racers. Games that are easy to learn. Games that are fun, that can be played with your friends, and where the fastest driver isn’t necessarily the one who wins.
So without further ado, here’s something for all tastes and gamers of all ages.

Bang Bang Racing

©Handy Games

This racing game takes place on convoluted tracks where you’ll need to make good use of your nitro to finish in first place, not to mention crashing through cones and and oil drums, or blowing up fuel cans to slow down your opponents. The graphics are nice to look at and the smooth driving is a real joy. It’s fun from the word go as bumpers collide, just keep an eye out for traps on the track...

Mantis Burn Racing

©VooFoo Studios

Get ready for racing through snow, dust, and mud, and through exhaust fumes as you desperately try not to fishtail all over the place and, of course, avoid the machine guns! You’ll also need to swerve through the mines to make sure you’re not the one going “bang”! The vehicle animations are perfect and the graphics packed with detail. It’s just like playing with your toy cars when you were a kid... just much, much faster.

The Next Penelope - Race To Odysseus

©Plug In Digital

You play as Mrs Ulysses (31?), in a futuristic world reminiscent of Wipeout. You’ll race your spaceships against a backdrop of Greek mythology enhanced with shoot’em up sequences. But The Next Penelope isn’t satisfied with just letting you ride the roads. You’re going to unlock a true arsenal of weapons to give you the upper hand in your battle: boosts, machine guns, mines, grappling hooks, teleportation... A critically acclaimed “must-play”!

Toybox Turbos


Your aim here is first and foremost not to get knocked off the track by the other mini race cars in the toy box, and to finish the race in one piece. To do so, you have an impressive selection of weaponry, from the mechanical hammer to mines and guided missiles. Along the way, you’ll doubtless spot the Micro Machines, the iconic toys that the publishers of Toybox Turbos have dusted off the licence. But was there really a machine gun fitted to the fire truck?

Garfield Kart


A great introduction to racing games for younger players. This game might be a bit slow and easy for adults, but kids love it. In this game, Garfield’s friends – Jon, Odie, Nermal and Arlene – collect sweets, fire heat-seeking pies, get speed boosts from lasagne, and swap places with a magic wand.

All-Star Fruit Racing

©PQube Limited

This kart game has all the nutrients to pep you up, taking place in a vibrantly colourful world where everyone will find their groove. Players who like to customise their racers (colour, bumper, wheels, wheel trims, etc.), those who enjoy playing on a variety of tracks, and fans of the surprise boost. And it’s also the first karting game that lets you customise the tournaments, and that’s a great reason to give it a try!