Bang Bang Racing

Bang Bang Racing

Toy cars for big kids!

Bang Bang Racing

Bang Bang Racing

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A racing game that gets you up to speed straight away with no complicated controls, Micromachines-style. The graphics are nice to look at and the smooth driving is a real joy. It’s fun from the word go as bumpers collide, just keep an eye out for traps on the track…

Miniature cars might not be the playground essential they once were, but they’re still going strong! And just like many of the toys that were banned at school and confiscated more than was fair, our favourite metal miniature cars have been forced to go digital in order to survive. And fortunately for the little kid that lives inside all of us, Bang Bang Racing has got all our old race cars together and turned them into bona fide race cars!

In a similar vein to Micro Machines by Toybox Turbos, this toy car racer will put all your driving ability to the test. Here, it’s all about the accelerator pedal and the best racing line, but there’s nothing stopping you from seeing what’s inside those weird coloured barrels standing by the roadside... It might even come in handy, because some are filled with water that will cause your competitors to skid out of control. But that’s nothing compared to the puddles of sticky, inflammable oil or the time-delay TNT! With the right strategy and a dash of bad intentions, they will become your best racing aids!

Bang Bang Racing - Handy Games - Toy cars for big kids!

But be warned, this is no ordinary kart racer! In this game there’s no cheating, no secret passages... and no unfair victories: the driver that wins is the driver who goes fastest, and there’s no magic booster appearing out of nowhere to propel you into pole position!

A 3D racer the whole family can play

A joint project from Digital Reality Software and Playbox, Bang Bang Racing is a 3D racer that’s all about the fun, and suitable for the whole family, even newbies to gaming! Playable by 1-3 players in local multiplayer, its gameplay is easy to pick up: you’ll be accelerating a lot (with the trigger), drift turning from time to time, and using your nitro boosters on the straights!

Bang Bang Racing - Handy Games - Toy cars for big kids!

The handling of the miniature race cars is refined enough to find the very best line through every bend, going bumper-to-bumper with your opponents! If you dominate pole position on the 9 tracks in single-player Career Mode, you can also unlock 20+ vehicles with increasingly powerful stats. The game contains four categories of car ( N’Dura, Evo GT, Protech and Apex) and the upgrades that come with them.

Between the miniature Ford Mustang, Lamborghini and F1 racers, you’ll need to shake off your most determined adversaries and cross the finish line with some of your life bar still left. If ever it gets completely depleted – and it will – just take a break in the pit stop. In the blink of an eye, your expert mechanics will repair your ride and give you a little boost to help you along your way!

Bang Bang Racing
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Publisher: Handy Games

Developer: Digital Reality Software & Playbox

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