A selection of 5 different football games, because there’s more to life than FIFA!

Blacknut LeMag - 14 Apr 21
Hero : ©Eclipse Games

Sick of football games that take themselves so seriously? Just want to have fun with a ball at your feet without needing to master the hocus pocus, nutmegs, or 360s? Here we have five arcade football games for you with varying levels of crazy, for guaranteed fun with family and friends. A chance to see the stands once again full of life and full of colour.

Football is serious business, but you don’t always want to play like a pro. Here are five games for a footballing buzz: games that aren’t always the most realistic, but that you can get stuck into and enjoy without being a pro gamer.

Kopanito All-Stars Soccer


The first football game with no ref and no rules!
Really easy to play, all the more so because being the best at Kopanito isn’t always about winning games. Unlock special powers during the game to flip the scoreline on its head. Some give you a guaranteed goal, while others are just for comfort (we’re looking at you, fan behind the goal). If you love cheating, you’ll love this.

FootLOL : Epic Fail League


The title says it all. This game is all about the fun. End of story. Everything in FootLOL is hilarious: you’ll use mines, shields, aliens, cows, weapons, and many other things to eliminate the opposing team and protect your players. But watch out: unlike any other football game, here your players run all over the place and are beyond your control. You can, however, react. You begin every match with a few weapons and gadgets that you can choose yourself within a limited number. It’s up to you to use them wisely in order to reach your “goal”.

Crazy Soccer : Football Stars


Welcome to the future, where football is now an intergalactic sport.
Goodbye World Cup, hello the Interstellar Soccer Cup. You’ll need to face off against aliens and prove that you are the best in the galaxy. Crazy Soccer really pulls it off, as proven in the 4000 play tests, including by the YouTube star PewDiePie, who loves it.
The various teams play against each other in games that are short (under 5 minutes) but intense: Englishmen wearing classic top hats, petite blondes with kawaii eyes, yelling Spartans...
One thing worth remembering, though: there’s not a team in the galaxy that can win the Interstellar Soccer Cup and beat the aliens without your help. Never hesitate to mow down your opponents with gun turrets, meteors, cows... or even legionnaires with a very special skill-set.

Golazo ! Soccer League

©Purple Tree S R L

In Golazo! Football League, the action is played 7-a-side, in front of a crowd, and with no offsides or fouls (apart from in the box, of course) for a carefree footballing experience! Grab your controller and get stuck in: the action on the pitch is easy to pick up and play.
That’s not to say that Golazo! is a simplistic game, because behind its accessible gameplay and cartoon graphics lies a deep game of football with a number of strategies to clinch the win!
On the pitch and on the sidelines, you’ll find a selection of 52 national teams and footballing legends from the 70s, 80s, and 90s, or at least their entertaining aliases Jean-Pierre Papi, Armande Miradone and Zizu Zizane.
A great game with a retro soul, a vibe that is only enhanced by the VHS filter.

Legendary Eleven

©Eclipse Games

There’s nothing like a trip down memory lane!
Legendary Eleven is an arcade football game featuring the star players of the 70s-90s, whose outdated gameplay is incredibly exhilarating.
With its ultra-kitsch look, you can replay famous matches (or parts thereof) that have gone down in footballing history. Just know that the game gets harder as you string together victories, and is really challenging towards the end. Welcome to the premier league!
Easier than Golazo but loads of fun.