Moving Out

Moving Out

The removal men are here!

Moving Out

Moving Out

Team17 Digital Ltd

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Good luck not breaking anything! Carry a sofa across a motorway, chuck it through the window, and then cross a crocodile infested river: this is Overcooked for removal men! Your job is to empty a house, mansion, or castle as fast as you can, and with plenty of stipulations. A hilarious party game that's great to play with family or friends.

We love co-op games here at Blacknut! A good party game is a great way to share some great laughs with your friends and family, and there's so many different themes out there that it's impossible to get bored.

We've already sampled the world of food with Overcooked 2, tried our hand at lumberjacking with Lumberhill, and home renovations with Tools Up! This time, we'll be getting some experience in the removals industry, and trying not to put our backs out.

Moving Out - Team17 Digital Ltd - The removal men are here!

The aim of the game is simple: you'll be packing up and moving out of apartments, houses, and mansions as fast as you can. But don't worry if you're not a removals expert: the thing that counts in Moving Out is how quickly you can load up the removal van, not the condition that the furniture and white goods are in when they arrive at the new home.

Something is bound to get broken...

If you try to take the utmost care in your work, using doors and making sure nothing gets broken, you'll be hard pressed to complete the levels before the clock runs out. This means that you'll need to develop strategies and use the environment to your advantage.

Moving Out - Team17 Digital Ltd - The removal men are here!

You might choose to throw less fragile items straight into the back of the van via the window, for example. But the real fun of the game lies in the challenge of coordinating the carrying of bulkier items.

Doors that are too narrow, tight corridors, pets at your feet, and even haunted pianos... Everything is designed to make your job harder.

Successful removals will boost your company's reputation and allow you to recruit new playable characters, each quirkier than the last.

Moving Out - Team17 Digital Ltd - The removal men are here!

We loved how accessible the game was. It's super straightforward to pick up and play, and it even comes with a dyslexic mode to make it easier to play for gamers with that condition. And that's a welcome feature because the dialogue at the end of the levels is guaranteed to get a laugh! There's also a wheelchair mode, which is rarer still and a really compassionate touch.

Our favourite part? Duo mode, which enables you to control two removal men with a single shared controller. Control one with the left-hand side, and another with the right. So much fun!

And a party game with a dedicated two-player mode has been a long time coming!

Moving Out - Team17 Digital Ltd - The removal men are here!

We liked the game mechanics that result in some really varied missions, and in addition to the hilarity of each mission, you can also unlock bonus objectives. Complete these to earn money which you can spend in the city's arcade to unlock minigames. There are several bonus objectives for each removal job, and they're all different: do some snowboarding, scores some hoops, and even avoid getting bitten by a very angry tortoise. These optional objectives spice things up and add some extra replay value.

Our tip: don't be shy of using Help Mode, which lets you activate different options for a more accessible gaming experience. You can, for example, make certain obstacles smaller or make furniture lighter, or allow yourself extra time. It makes it easier to play with non-gamers or young children.

So... get packing!

Moving Out
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Publisher: Team17 Digital Ltd

Developer: SMG Studio

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