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Overcooked in the land of the lumberjacks. In this addictive and hilarious party game, you'll be cutting timber and a whole lot more in a series of missions against the clock. The big advantage is that the missions adapt to the number of players, meaning that you'll only have to get three sheep into their pens in single-player, while with three players you'll have to get 10 or more. 100% fun!

Not dissimilar to Overcooked, this is a game everyone loves: young and old, girl or boy, seasoned or casual gamer. You can play in single-player (mainly to get in some practice), but we couldn't recommend multiplayer mode highly enough for some guaranteed laughs. After all, Lumberhill is designed as a party game.

Lumberhill - All in! Games - You’re a lumberjack and you’re okay!

This time the action doesn't play out in the kitchen (like in Overcooked); you play as some brawny lumberjacks and even a lumber-jill who's far stronger than she might look. Each level lasts four minutes and has its own unique objective. You'll be cutting wood, of course, but also putting out forest fires, herding sheep (and even pandas) back into their pens without them falling off a cliff, and loads more besides.

The gameplay is super-straightforward. There are only two buttons, so it's a great game for getting non-gamers involved. We guarantee they'll love the game. In co-op, try to get organised before each level, or you might just accidentally take out you teammates in the heat of the action.

Lumberhill - All in! Games - You’re a lumberjack and you’re okay!

Our advice? Once you've cut down a tree, it will suddenly grow back and sprout from the ground at the speed of lightning: try and stand where the tree is growing for a nice surprise!

There are 50 levels, each with their own sometimes sprawling layouts. And this is where Lumberhill excels: every world and every level comes with its own challenges. Unlike Overcooked, where it's your customers' orders that are always changing, forcing you to change up your strategy, here the challenge comes from the game world itself. It starts off with jumps, moving platforms, and using wood to build bridges you can take animals across. Then there's the rams who will headbutt you off a precipice, not to mention the pandas who will charge and push you off the path. The weather also comes into play, with lightning strikes that can set the forest ablaze, and you'll need to rush for the buckets of water to put out the fire. Each world also contains its own specific dangers. In the Dino world, a T-Rex will be out to eat you, while in Hawaii, pirates throw bombs at the game environment, making parts of it inaccessible for a short while. And of course, the levels themselves can be a real headache: if you don't watch out for your teammates, you might just push them off the map!

Lumberhill - All in! Games - You’re a lumberjack and you’re okay!

It's in the midst of all this chaos that Lumberhill works its magic!

Each level also comes with a special objective to spice things up a bit, like trying to stay out of the water. If you pull out off, you'll be rewarded with a special axe that will let you unlock new characters.

This is a real party game that really delivers the fun!

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Publisher: All in! Games

Developer: 2BIGo

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