Undead Horde

Undead Horde

Lead your horde of the living dead!

Undead Horde

Undead Horde

10tons Ltd

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Lead an army of zombies and massacre simple peasants, unfortunate animals, and brave warriors, then reanimate their corpses as your faithful servants. This game is all about micromanagement on the battlefield. Playing as a necromancer has never been so easy. A really fun game that’s accessible and totally off the wall!

Trapped in a jar for millennia, Orcen, the last necromancer, has found freedom at long last, thanks to... a chicken! No sooner said than done, the chicken dies and becomes the first recruit in your new army of the living dead! And yes, Orcen is out for revenge… and so the tone is set.

Undead Horde - 10tons Ltd - Lead your horde of the living dead!

Behind its hack & slash appearance lies a little gem of a crowd strategy game, as cute as they come and set in a quirky world.

When it comes to the gameplay, it's pretty straightforward. Orcen can himself do battle using a variety of weapons (swords, axes, hammers, and scythes) and spells.

But without his revenants, he isn't a force to be reckoned with, and so the main aim of the game is to send his army of the living dead to do battle at his command. And, of course, to build this army and organise its fighting order.

Undead Horde - 10tons Ltd - Lead your horde of the living dead!

For example, you can use the army to keep the enemies busy while Orcen destroys their buildings.

Recruiting soldiers is easy enough: any enemy, once transformed into the living dead, can join your army and serve your cause. Thus, every enemy unit that falls in battle is one unit more to swell your ranks.

Our advice? Plan ahead to decide which enemy you want to join your horde, because there's a command gauge that dictates how many units you can amass. This limit is increase when you level up, and each type of unit takes up a different amount of command points. Of course, the stronger the undead recruit, the more points they consume.

A bit of micro-management, then!

Undead Horde - 10tons Ltd - Lead your horde of the living dead!

We loved how the game gives you the freedom to form your army before the chaos of battle begins. And chaos is exactly what it is, and your job is to stay organised in the heat of battle.

Our advice? Undead Horde, is a bit like the opposite of Crimsonland (also developed and published by 10tons Ltd). While in the latter you were fighting off the horde, here you're building and managing it. There's a constant stream of troops.

Once you've completed the story, you can begin a "new era", which means a new game with higher difficulty settings, but where you get to keep your level and your gear.

Undead Horde - 10tons Ltd - Lead your horde of the living dead!

Undead Horde is a great game and loads of fun to explore and understand: the perfect game for playing in quick blasts of under an hour.

So, if you've always dreamed of playing as the bad guys, get stuck right into this game that's as funny as it is bloodthirsty.

Undead Horde
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Publisher: 10tons Ltd

Developer: 10tons Ltd

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