Art of Murder, a point & click crime series

Blacknut LeMag - 09 Sep 21
Hero : ©City Interactive S.A.

Discover this series of point & click detective games that will really get your grey matter humming! In Art of Murder: FBI Confidential, Agent Bonnet needs your help to find the serial killer who performs sordid rituals at the scenes of their crimes. The bravest players can then get on the trail of the “card killer” in Art of Murder: Cards of Destiny.

Some crimes, even the most heinous, remain unpunished forever. Especially in New York. Between pulling off the “perfect crime” and police incompetence, many murderers get away scot-free. And that’s where Nicole Bonnet, the heroine of Art of Murder : FBI Confidential steps in.

When her partner suddenly dies, the young FBI agent is faced with a series of sordid murders in her in-tray, and a psychopathic killer on the run. Relying on your unfailing wits and a fair bit of luck, these “ritualistic” crimes put you straight on the trail of a serial killer with a fascinating backstory. And so begins your long-term investigation that will take you to the dark backstreets of New York and the FBI HQ, taking in a pre-Columbian art museum and even an archaeological site in Peru! In this ultra-realistic and easy to pick up point & click detective game, you will have to unearth vital clues, useful objects, and talkative witnesses by passing your cursor over parts of the background that may be of interest to your investigation. But don’t forget that “to err is human”, and the wrong theory isn’t necessarily a bad avenue of investigation!

©City Interactive S.A.

Developed by the Polish studio, City Interactive S.A., the Art of Murder series doesn’t end there. Once you’ve solved the crimes of the first game, why not earn more experience in the field with Art of Murder : Cards of Destiny? In this sequel, Nicole Bonnet finds herself at the centre of a mystery. While still on the trail of the most dangerous madmen in the United States, she finds herself entangled with the “card killer”, who leaves playing cards at the scenes of his crimes, and toys with the agent by mailing her clues. Fortunately, it will take more than that to unnerve you and cloud your skills of deduction. With puzzles, item combinations (to use in the right order), analysis of exhibits and the vagaries of fate, you will need to call on all your profiling skills to catch this elusive killer. It goes without saying that having a few TV crime series under your belt will be a big help at the start of the game.

©City Interactive S.A.

Just take heed that Art of Murder is not for the faint-hearted. You budding detectives have been warned!