Adam's Venture: Origins

Adam's Venture: Origins

Uncharted without the guns

Adam's Venture: Origins

Adam's Venture: Origins


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The new reinterpretation of Adam’s Venture, starring the badass 1920s adventurer who's obsessed with his ancestor. Each adventure and exploration phase leads you to a new puzzle to solve. An old school concept that still works today. A relaxing game with a tightly woven plot and decent, if not spectacular, environments. Puzzle fans will love it.

One stormy night in a mysterious Victorian mansion, in its library filled with ancient tomes, an archaeologist sends his son off on the trail of King Solomon's secrets... These first moments in Adam's Venture are an undeniable throwback to the video games of the '90s, an era when a game's opening scenes served to immerse you in its ambience.

Adam's Venture: Origins - SOEDESCO - Uncharted without the guns

Adam’s Venture: Origins is the remake of an excellent, yet little-known, series released on PC between 2009 and 2012. This modern update is a great way to discover the game's likeable characters and a fun TPS adventure. The mysterious plot is tinged by biblical mysticism and plots hatched by the Clairvaux corporation, and harkens back to the great adventure series like Indiana Jones, Tomb Raider, and Uncharted.

In this game, though, you aren't carrying a weapon, and the only way you can die is if you are spotted by a guard during a stealth sequence or if you fall from a great height.

Adam's Venture: Origins - SOEDESCO - Uncharted without the guns

In technical terms, Adam’s Venture has been given a successful makeover. The polished graphics and attention to detail give the game a nice, if a bit dated, aesthetic. It could be described as Uncharted without the guns. The climbing, grapple, and stealth sequences are all there, albeit within a somewhat more restricted game world. The puzzles should be no trouble for gamers aged 12+, and you can expect to complete the game in around ten hours.

Accompanied by his companion, Evelyn, Adam is on a quest to discover the secrets of King Solomon. Evelyn plays the role of the player's memory. As for Adam, he is an unwilling hero, and his unique sense of humour and clumsy interactions with women give him a certain dated charm.

Adam's Venture: Origins - SOEDESCO - Uncharted without the guns

We liked being immersed in the Roaring '20s.
Adam’s Venture: Origins transports you back to the 1920s, an era you don't often see in video games. The game's historical atmosphere gives the whole adventure a retro feel.

Our favourite part? The varied gameplay found in Adam’s Venture: Origins. With its TPS chapter format, the game features a range of gameplay sequences, from grappling hook platforming to stealth. The varied puzzles are never too hard, providing a perfect balance between logic and action. Exploration is rewarded, and the stealth sequences deliver a little shot of adrenaline.

Adam's Venture: Origins - SOEDESCO - Uncharted without the guns

A little tip to help you on your way: in the chapter set in the Templar Church in Luz, ignore the red herrings suggested by Evelyn and the professor if you want to solve the puzzle. Head over to the right of the church, where you'll find a vital clue: the little jewels lined up behind the ivy. To solve the puzzle, sound the bells in the following order: 2, 4, 3, 1, and the 4 again. Your reward is some well-guarded secrets!

Adam's Venture: Origins serves up a gaming experience reminiscent of the first Tomb Raider or Uncharted games – just without the gunfights – and it immerses players in an family adventure.

In a world where fast-paced action is all the rage, Adam's Venture serves up a more relaxing adventure with a focus on solving puzzles and intelligent exploration.

Adam's Venture: Origins
  • Age7


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Publisher: SOEDESCO

Developer: Vertigo Games

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