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Fans of Guitar Hero and Overcooked are in the right place. This party-game from Konami combines both of their gameplay styles, based on rhythm and speed! Its cute, musical, and very easy to play. In no time at all you'll be beating an aubergine DJ, triggering an ancient ritual with magic beans, and even pouring gravy on some weird little guys. A great game, even in single-player.

Konami has a surprise for everyone this Christmas with the fantastic Super Crazy Rhythm Castle. While the Japanese videogaming giant may be better known for franchises like Silent Hill and Metal Gear Solid, this time it is serving up a totally off-the-wall experience in this gem of a game that might just claim Overcooked's co-op game crown. This is a game that crosses genres, deftly combining rhythm, puzzles, and adventure, developed by British studio Second Impact Games, known for its Super Crazy Guitar Maniac Deluxe series of Flash games.

SUPER CRAZY RHYTHM CASTLE - Konami Digital Entertainment - Even better than Overcooked!

In Super Crazy Rhythm Castle, players are invited within the mysterious Rhythm Castle to overthrow King Ferdinand... but he won't give up his crown easily. This is not your traditional rhythm game: from the outset you'll see that the levels may appear simple, but quickly develop into complex challenges. And King Ferdinand is never scared to throw players off beat with twisted puzzles and traps. The key to success lies in efficient cooperation, because the challenges often demand more than a keen sense of timing.

We loved the soundtrack, and with more than 30 tracks, there's something to suit all tastes. From rock to hip-hop and even including dubstep, each level features a unique tune that forms the beating heart of the gameplay.

SUPER CRAZY RHYTHM CASTLE - Konami Digital Entertainment - Even better than Overcooked!

Our favourite part? The madcap, colourful humour.

Beyond its surprising and totally new kind of gameplay, Super Crazy Rhythm Castle stands out for its whole vibe. The eccentric characters and unexpected twists found in every level help create a light-hearted, fun atmosphere. And humour proves to be key to an adventure that's all about good times.

Cooperation, though, is key to victory.

Just like in Overcooked, cooperation is essential in Super Crazy Rhythm Castle. The complexity of the levels mean that players need to be constantly communicating if they're to beat the challenges. The unique gameplay mechanics that combine logic, rhythm, and even action mean you need to be able to adapt quickly and cooperate with precision.

SUPER CRAZY RHYTHM CASTLE - Konami Digital Entertainment - Even better than Overcooked!

A little tip to help you on your way: In one level, an arm appears out of nowhere and sweeps across the screen, hiding the rhythm column. It also produces colourful blocks that will get in your way. You and your teammates will need to decide who clears the blocks and who keeps up the beat. Communication is vital if you're to complete the level with enough stars to move on.

The game also features a dynamic mode, where players can switch to a higher level of difficulty at any time, tailoring the experience to different levels of skill.

In addition to the main levels, Super Crazy Rhythm Castle also contains a whole range of extra minigames for an even more varied experience. These minigames are not only a welcome break from the main levels, but they also teach you new aspects of the gameplay.

SUPER CRAZY RHYTHM CASTLE - Konami Digital Entertainment - Even better than Overcooked!

In short, here at Blacknut we are very proud to be bringing you the new king of co-op games.
Far more than being just another Overcooked and Overcooked 2 clone, the game serves up a refreshing take on the genre and a real challenge for fans of rhythm games, as well as a crazy adventure for the whole family.

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Publisher: Konami Digital Entertainment

Developer: Second Impact Games

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