American Fugitive

American Fugitive

GTA in the American heartland!

American Fugitive

American Fugitive

Curve Games

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Pure fun in a colourful open-world inspired by the first GTA. Fans of 3D open-world single-player sandbox games will love it. We loved the comic book design that immerses you in the American South of the 1980s. The highlight of the game is without a doubt its Deep South atmosphere and shady missions! We loved it.

Can't get enough of open world games like GTA and Saints Row? Then you’ll love American Fugitive!

In American Fugitive, Will, our fugitive hero, finds himself accused of a murder he did not commit, and is out to prove his innocence while keeping one step ahead of the corrupt cops on his trail.

American Fugitive - Curve Games - GTA in the American heartland!

Your first job will be to find some accomplices, but they'll only lend a hand if you take care of some "little jobs" for them, jobs like burglaries, car theft, making evidence disappear...

There are no demons spawned from Hell in this game, nor any government secrets to uncover... this is the American heartland, that small-town America that gives Wisconsin, Dakota, and Alabama all their charm. The mission design reflects the down to earth world of rural crime, with most of the missions being pretty straightforward and over in just a few minutes.

The action here focuses on things like home burglaries or overthrowing a corrupt sheriff... but watch out!

American Fugitive - Curve Games - GTA in the American heartland!

Our advice? Don't trust any of the locals. Because here, if you walk around with a gun, people will call the police.

The same goes for crashing into streetlights or parked cars, or even if you step on someone's lawn. This is the land of neighbourhood watch! It might be annoying, but it makes the game world all that more intense, as any mission can be ruined by the slightest misdemeanour.

A typical mission would be driving somewhere and breaking into a building, robbing a home, or beating up a specific individual... and then making your escape.

Once you've made it away with your swag, head straight to the pawn shop where you can trade your stolen goods for dollars which you can then spend to upgrade Will. You can increase the size of his inventory or boost his health and even his stealth.

American Fugitive - Curve Games - GTA in the American heartland!

To help you on your way: unlike in most open world games, in American Fugitive, the police can even give chase while you're on side quests! This means that you always need to be on your guard, paying attention to the highway code, keeping your weapons out of sight, and fender benders... unless you want to end up in an exhausting high speed pursuit. Thankfully, the cops aren't always that bright!

We loved all of the possibilities in the game: you can break in to almost any building through a kind of minigame that involves a map. Check every window to make sure no-one's home, bring a rock or crowbar to break a window or lock, and then get in there quick and grab what you can. If you're too lazy to check all of the windows, you might just find yourself face to face with the homeowner as they're calling the cops.

American Fugitive - Curve Games - GTA in the American heartland!

With its top-down comic book aesthetic, American Fugitive bears more than a passing resemblance to the first Grand Theft Auto games, but it's much more fun. There are also paint shops where you can disguise your stolen vehicles, secret stashes to collect, time trials, and 20 paintings to steal.

Paradise for fans of open world games.

American Fugitive
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Publisher: Curve Games

Developer: Fallen Tree Games Ltd

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