Wuppo: Definitive Edition

Wuppo: Definitive Edition

An enchanting adventure in a hand-drawn world

Wuppo: Definitive Edition

Wuppo: Definitive Edition


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Don't miss this gem of a game! It's got a charming story set on a cosy planet, the hand-drawn graphics are beautiful, and the music is soothing. There's platforming, boss battles, plenty of dialogue, madcap firefights, and loads of puzzles. A feel-good game that also looks good, and one that everyone aged 10+ will love. Including us!

Wuppo… this simple title belies a charming, complex adventure. Anyone who's played it gives it 10/10! With its adorable hand-drawn graphics and its vast world to explore, Wuppo is an indie game that transcends genres.

Wuppo: Definitive Edition - SOEDESCO - An enchanting adventure in a hand-drawn world

Wuppo combines the platformer and RPG genres, a surprising mix that serves up simple, manageable gameplay. Jump around, talk to NPCs, use weapons, and explore every corner of this enchanting world. The three kinds of inventory, the shops where you can buy items, and the game's multiple modes bring some nice variety. The gameplay also features no fewer than 17 boss battles!

The story begins like this: a Wum, our protagonist, has been kicked out of home because of his crazed love for ice cream. What might seem a banal pretext for an adventure soon turns into an epic quest through some varied, amazing levels, from Popocity to Bliekopolis.

Wuppo: Definitive Edition - SOEDESCO - An enchanting adventure in a hand-drawn world

We liked visiting the underground city, encountering gargantuan bosses like the giant eel and an enormous ice cream, and revealing the story through old films screened from projectors.

Wuppo is proof that even the most everyday stories can develop into unexpected adventures. You'll be taking part in activities as varied as volleyball, delivering newspapers by throwing them at people, visiting a theme park, painting pictures, and discovering a face in the sky. And it all comes together into a coherent but totally off-the-wall story, where you end up having to save the world.

Our favourite part? That beneath its cutesy visuals, the game explores themes like solidarity, mutual support, and diversity, and even offers a damning critique of capitalism.

Wuppo: Definitive Edition - SOEDESCO - An enchanting adventure in a hand-drawn world

A little tip to help you on your way: your character's weight will affect the gameplay. Some food will make you get fat, and taking damage will make you shrink. Bear that in mind! (PS: there is also an item called the breft2000 that will help you lose weight).

You need to be able to read to play this game, so it's suitable for ages 10+. We don't recommend it for the younger gamers due to the large amount of text to read. While it might not be essential to completing the game, it does let you understand the story, and the simple dialogue is not without humour that adults will love, too.

Wuppo: Definitive Edition - SOEDESCO - An enchanting adventure in a hand-drawn world

Wuppo is far more than just a platformer/RPG. It is an invitation to explore and be amazed as you discover a weird yet wonderful world. With its unique visuals, lively dialogue, and varied gameplay, Wuppo is a little-known gem you shouldn't overlook!

Wuppo: Definitive Edition
  • Age3


  • SmartTvDesktopMobileTablet


  • Solo


  • GamepadKeyboardTouch


Publisher: SOEDESCO

Developer: snekflat

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