White Night: one night in hell

So, you like your chills and thrills? Well you’re in for a treat! Immerse yourself in the dark world of White Night, the most harrowing black and white game we’ve seen in recent years!

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    OSome Studio

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    Plug In Digital

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The developers behind White Night knew exactly what they were doing. When creating this survival-horror game that takes place in the half-light, France’s OSome Studio chose to play on mankind’s most primal fear: darkness.

White Night immerses you in a moody, jazz-infused atmosphere, placing you in the trench coat of a detective sufficiently inebriated to drive into a tree and be forced to seek assistance in a mansion that is very poorly lit, even by 1930s standards.

Plug In Digital	 OSome Studio White Night

Unfortunately for you, this gloomy setting conceals mysteries that go far beyond its neglected lighting and absence of inhabitants. It’s up to you to shed light on these strange circumstances using your trusty matches, which will keep you out of the shadows and give you a few seconds of physical and mental reprieve... so count your blessings!

Of course, White Night is not a game that’s suitable for those who still check under the bed for monsters before they go to sleep. It’s more a game for intrepid investigators who laugh in the face of paranormal goings on. Between darkness and light, you will need to make use of the scenery to progress in your investigation.

Plug In Digital	 OSome Studio White Night

Depending on the camera angle, and therefore your movements, what you need to do will be revealed to you in due course, helping you to solve plenty of puzzles, such as lighting the fireplace or opening an uncooperative lock.

But keep an eye out for the spirits that haunt the dwelling, and take a twisted delight in sending you back to your last checkpoint following an inopportune encounter. Because here, there’s no-one to hear you scream...

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