Victor Vran Overkill Edition, battling everyone’s demons

Blacknut LeMag - 06 May 21
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When Van Helsing is otherwise occupied, Victor Vran steps in to save the day! Dive into this gripping hack’n’slash ARPG where demonic hordes are itching for a fight!

If you’ve always been a die-hard fan of the Diablo franchise, Victor Vran Overkill Edition SP should be right up your street! This isometric medieval hack’n’slash is set in an extremely hostile Gothic universe, where you play as Zagoravia’s last hope: Victor Vran. A freelance hunter of demons and other supernatural entities, Victor was called in to assist his friend Adrien in a cursed city packed with lethal traps, and where he might finally find what he’s spent years tracking down...

Your job is to clean up the city’s shady streets and massacre hordes of unholy beasts! Developed by the Bulgarian studio, Haemimont Games, Victor Vran Overkill Edition SP is a good introduction to the genre – whether you’re familiar with black magic or not – thanks to its intuitive, accessible gameplay. And of course, hack’n’slash pros are off to a head start…

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In Victor Vran Overkill Edition SP, less experienced players will nevertheless be able to satisfy their unhealthy curiosity by exploring every corner of every building, digging out items that will be useful on Victor’s quest. With a bit of time and a bit of care, you’ll level up your character to create a close combat expert or long-distance killer.

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To do so, you’ll have to change outfits and activate particular cards from your inventory, as well as arm Victor with boosts and special powers! When used in combat, these attacking or defensive spells (amongst others) unlock a berserk rage. You’ll also have an impressive arsenal at your disposal: swords, hammers, scythes, and other, more surprising items, like Lemmy’s electric guitar, available in the Overkill edition, that pays a special tribute to the heavy metal group Motörhead, from storyline to soundtrack!

Wiping out armies of spiders and skeletons has never been so satisfying!

Victor Vran Overkill Edition

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