Trident's Wake

It’s not the end of the world!

Take back humanity’s last space fortress in this merciless co-o shoot ’em up! With the help of your powerful robotic Sentinels, you’ll have to explore every inch of the Trident, an old colony ship said to contain the last survivors of the human species!

😢 We are sorry, this game is currently not available.

In the year 2350, the human race teeters on the verge of extinction. Why? An artificial intelligence that we created took it upon itself to wipe us from the map! In an attempt to save our species from extinction, Earth’s leaders decided to launch a colony ship out into deep space.

Several thousand years later, and the war against the AI is now just a distant memory. You and your team of Sentinels – robotic avatars into which your soul has been uploaded – have been tasked with exploring a spaceship found adrift. And that ship is none other than the Trident!

And it doesn’t seem to be quite as abandoned as that. But what events unfolded aboard the ship during those many long years? Do any human survivors remain? Is the coffee machine still working?

You will be trying to answer all of these questions and many more as you explore the dark corridors of this mechanical labyrinth that are filled with enemies. So, load your weapons and exact payment from these alien squatters for their years of unpaid rent and, above all else, make it out of there alive!

Developed by independent Argentine studio Bacus Studios, Trident’s Wake combines top-down action and co-op shoot ’em up elements in a game where strategy is just as important as firepower.

Alone or accompanied by a team of bots, you’ll be facing off against hordes of aliens with a penchant for attacking you from all sides!

Thankfully, you have your robotic Sentinels with their devastating attacks and special abilities at your disposal. What’s more, their weapon loadouts, skills, and even their appearance are all fully customisable!

A quick blast at the tutorial will help newbies quickly get to grips with the upgrade system, while seasoned gamers will enjoy meticulously refining their combat stats.

As the missions progress, you’ll have to earn enough experiences, weapons, and materia (and even new Sentinels) to retake humanity’s last fortress from the alien invaders, and secure the survival of our fragile species.

😢 We are sorry, this game is currently not available.