Timelie : always one step ahead

Blacknut LeMag - 22 Apr 21
Hero : ©Urnique Studio

What if you had another shot at life? In Timelie, all of your mistakes can be put right. And are infinitely replayable!

we’d love to go back and do differently, if we could. Unfortunately, (for now) it’s only in Timelie that you can really rewrite history. Find yourself crushed to death under a giant chess piece or a collapsing bridge? Been spotted by the robots? No problem! Rewind space-time as if it were a YouTube video, and go back to the place you came unstuck.

Who knows, there might be another route you could take, or a different strategy to try. In this unique puzzle game, you play as a little girl who can see the future and return to the past... to name but two of her talents! Imprisoned in an esoteric world controlled by robots, you’ll soon become best friends with a little cat who will prove very useful in your journey, and gain strange – life-saving – powers!

©Urnique Studio

Developed by Urnique Studios and released in 2020, Timelie is a little gem that will delight players who like nothing better than a challenging puzzle, while also winning over gamers who are new to the genre. But if you like nothing better than a good fight, bad news: there’s no combat in Timelie!

Problems here are solved with brains, not brawn. Analysis, logic, and good timing (not to mention your cute little cat) are your most valuable tools to avoid confrontations and find your way out of this mechanical maze. And trust us, your heart will go out to the game’s heroine!

©Urnique Studio

Moving from one box to the next, you’ll need to manipulate time with no little proficiency if you are to find your way without being spotted by your robot enemies.

Make sure you take the time to carefully observe their movements and behaviour and find their blind spot! And remember: you’ve all the time in the world. Quite literally!


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