Time Loader

Time Loader

To 1995 and beyond!

Time Loader

Time Loader

META Publishing

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In this cutesy platform-puzzler you play as a time-travelling little robot, sent on a mission by its creator to change the course of history. You’ll be exploring the gigantic rooms of his house, while never forgetting to top up your battery. Every decision you make will unlock new parts of the story, and lead to a different ending.

Just admit it: no matter how old (or young!) you were in 1995, the slightest reference to that golden age fills you with nostalgia. Well, that’s exactly what you’ll get with Time Loader: a trip in a microwave time machine all the way back to the ‘90s! And just like in all good time travel stories, you’ll have to stop a specific event from happening in the past. At the controls of a little remote-control car that’s been carefully souped up for the occasion, you’ll be teleported back into a house that’s assumed to be abandoned.

As it turns out, the house belongs to your amazing inventor, Adam, and because forewarned is forearmed, just know that you aren’t here for a trip down memory lane! Among the Tamagotchis, Game Boys and other iconic 90s objects, your first task will be to find a little red car. According to your intel, it will cause a serious accident to befall Adam as a child, one that would leave him scarred for live. Your mission as a time traveller, then, will be to do anything it takes to stop this traumatic event from ruining his future, by “fixing” his past. You follow?

Time Loader - META Publishing - To 1995 and beyond!

Time Loader is a “fake 3D” puzzle platformer from the independent developers at Flazm. It features intuitive gameplay and one-of-a-kind physics that might take a few minutes to get used to. Filled with logic puzzles, the game will force you to explore every nook and cranny of your inventor’s home to find the solutions. Fortunately for you, your little robotic ride has 4WD, which definitely comes in handy, as well as an equally ingenious mechanical arm.

Armed with these assets, it’s no biggie for you to climb up on the bed, desk, or kitchen worktop by swinging and climbing your way up and over any obstacles in your path. Any obstacles apart from Adam’s cat, that is, who was a bit highly strung back then.

Time Loader - META Publishing - To 1995 and beyond!

You will also be able to upgrade your robot with a screwdriver or grapple, for example, and unlock different areas that let you take new routes! How the story ends is up to you and the choices you make on your quest. But you have been warned: be very careful where you put your wheels!

Time Loader
  • Age3


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Publisher: META Publishing

Developer: Flazm

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