The Little Acre, something of an interactive cartoon

If you’re looking for a crafty game to while away a rainy afternoon with your younger children (aged 7+), The Little Acre is a genuine interactive cartoon that both kids and adults will love. It’s a fine introduction to “point & click” games.

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More than just a video game, The Little Acre is an animated fairytale whose artwork is worthy of the greatest names in animation.
The story begins in a beautiful little cottage just like Snow White’s, where you will start playing as Aidan, father to a mischievous and resourceful little girl named Lily. Lily’s grandfather is an inventor, and it seems he invented a machine that let him travel between worlds... and disappeared.

Your job, then, is to go out looking for him in this world and the other. What makes it even more interesting is that you alternate between game sequences seen from the point of view of Lily (and her adorable dog), and her father.

Curve Digital Pewter Games Studios The Little Acre

In addition to the animations that are a match even for Disney, the game is fun and filled with puns and amusing jibes. You will soon become fond of Lily, who is often saved by her four-legged friend.

As with any “point & click” game, it isn’t the gameplay – basically just clicking with the mouse – that really matters. The important thing is how good the puzzles are. And it has to be said that The Little Acre is packed with easy puzzles, making it perfect for younger players.

Curve Digital Pewter Games Studios The Little Acre

The game may seem a bit short for adult players, completed in two hours, but it will keep younger players gripped without losing them along the way.

A great way to start gaming!

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