The Great Perhaps, he good old days

Blacknut LeMag - 09 Sep 21
Hero : ©Daedalic Entertainment

Travel through time in this Point & Click game where past and present intermingle! Using a strange magic lantern, you can travel through time and solve the puzzles that stand in your way. And also learn what caused the global disaster that seems to have destroyed the planet and wiped out mankind while you’re at it!

In the great vacuum of interplanetary space, solitude is just one more danger. Cut off from all communications and accompanied only by L9, a prototype AI, you play as an astronaut who witnessed the decline of human civilization from an orbiting space station. After being forced into cryosleep for 100 years, you awaken to a dreadful sight: the whole of Earth seems to have been ravaged by a global disaster. Everyone who lived there is doubtless dead, so to be sure of what happened, you and your AI decide to take a capsule down to the planet to investigate. You haven’t got anything better to do, after all!

©Daedalic Entertainment

When looking for life signs in what was once Russia, you come across a nightmarish creature... and a mysterious lantern! Turn it on with a press of a button, and past and present intermingle, enabling you to travel between the two at your whim.

The Great Perhaps is a 2D Point & Click adventure game that’s perfect for fans of puzzles, mini-games, and sci-fi. Easy to pick up and pretty addictive once you get the hang of the time travel, this game from Caligari Games challenges you to confront the dangers of the post-apocalyptic present while solving the mysteries of the past. Because using your lantern to travel through time enables you to reach inaccessible locations, or to transport items from one era to the next to solve certain puzzles.

©Daedalic Entertainment

But beware: you’ll need to escape the bloodthirsty creatures on your tail! When it comes to them and the other dangers you’ll face, there’s no margin for error: the slightest hit can be fatal, sending you back to the last checkpoint! So stay on guard while you explore that metro tunnel or an old funfair, for example.

And never forget: the survival of all mankind may just depend on you!

The Great Perhaps

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