The Book of Desires

The Book of Desires

For fans of hidden objects

The Book of Desires

The Book of Desires

Fulqrum Publishing

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A great hidden object game with a focus on solving puzzles. To progress in the game you'll also need to collect objects before using them in the right place at the right time. The game is made up of a long quest to extract a little girl's pure soul from an evil book that grants the darkest wishes.

A little girl sees her parents arguing and goes to bed in tears. As she sleeps, she has a nightmare that her soul has been captured by an evil spirit. When she wakes up, she's supposed to go to the bookshop to buy her schoolbooks, but instead she receives a mysterious tome: The Book of Desires. Anything someone writes in the book comes true. But she will soon find herself trapped in the book, and she'll need to defeat supernatural entities if she is to escape.

The Book of Desires - Fulqrum Publishing - For fans of hidden objects

We liked this hidden object game's down-to-earth approach. The dark aesthetic creates a mystical atmosphere that's fun to explore. The polished graphics, encounters with supernatural beings, and dream sequences all add an unexpected depth. The immersion is driven home by a nice soundtrack that highlights every development in the adventure.

We loved the way the game combines the little girl's realistic emotions with its more fantastical elements. The unexpected twists and magical encounters all make the main character even more likeable.

The Book of Desires - Fulqrum Publishing - For fans of hidden objects

Our favourite part? The train puzzle in Level 2 stands out as one of the best in the hidden object genre. It's a stimulating challenge that puzzle fans will love. Remember: it's all about that logic!

A little tip to help you on your way: on the stone bridge with the fallen angels in Level 1, you try to cross when you meet the Grim Reaper. She won't let you across until you've lit up all the stars.

The Book of Desires - Fulqrum Publishing - For fans of hidden objects

When facing the evil spirits, you'll need to root out objects subtly hidden in the environment to reveal the keys to need to foil their traps. Thankfully, the game comes with an excellent hint system for the less patient gamers out there...

The Book of Desires - Fulqrum Publishing - For fans of hidden objects

The Book of Desires only wants to do one thing: to serve up a nice, unpretentious experience that's full of mysteries to discover. A casual game done the way we like them.

The Book of Desires
  • Age7


  • DesktopSmartTvMobileTablet


  • Solo


  • KeyboardPartialGamepadTouch


Publisher: Fulqrum Publishing

Developer: Meridian'93

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