Space Cows

Space Cows

Zero-G farting and plunger action!

Space Cows

Space Cows

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Simply crazy. You play as an almost naked astronaut up in space, whose only weapon is a toilet plunger... and it gets even weirder than that, because you'll be using the power of farts to move around. That's right: you'll be farting non-stop in the weightlessness of space to save your cows and exact revenge on an evil company. Kids love it. A hilarious game that's not at all vulgar.

Fans of quirky games and toilet humour... Your time has come!

In Space Cows, you play as "Best Regards", a cattle farmer by profession. But one day, his favourite cow is kidnapped and taken away to a space station crawling with alien "mootants". Our hero then sets off to save her in a zero-G environment, his only weapons a toilet plunger and his own flatulence, farts that can accelerate him to the speed of light. He can also drink milk to regain health, and has the ability to slow time.

Space Cows - All in! Games - Zero-G farting and plunger action!

It's not high-brow stuff, but it's really funny and very well put together. Kids and teens will love it.

The weightless environment makes the character controls a bit slippery. Best Regards can't stop on a dime, and can float in every direction. It takes nothing away from the fun of the game, but it takes a bit of practice and getting used to in the beginning. And while Space Cows may have an exuberant cartoon aesthetic, it still has some challenges in store.

Space Cows - All in! Games - Zero-G farting and plunger action!

Our advice? Take your time on the early levels and repeat them a few times so that you can get perfectly used to the controls; the later levels are really demanding and you'll need to be ready for them.

As we've already mentioned, Best Regards’ only weapon is a plunger that he can throw at his enemies. But he can only throw one plunger at a time. This means that you need to have a good aim if you're to survive.

Space Cows - All in! Games - Zero-G farting and plunger action!

We liked the quirky minigames found throughout the levels. You might be tasked, for example, with catching a cow and completing a fun side quest called "Milk Must Flow", where you need to empty milk into cups as quickly as you can. These minigames earn you extra milk, which then helps you to earn more life points.

A little tip to help you on your way: halfway through the game you'll encounter some armoured mootants. Your plunger will be ineffective against them and they'll fire projectiles right at you. The only way to take them out is to send their own projectile flying back towards them, which demands pinpoint accuracy. Just watch out! When you kill them they explode, sending shrapnel flying in every direction. If some of it hits you, you'll lose a life.

Space Cows - All in! Games - Zero-G farting and plunger action!

Aesthetically, Space Cows is great to look at, like a living cartoon. This is a funny game that's full of puns riffing on milk and farting, but it's also a real challenge.

An udderly fantastic game!

Space Cows
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Publisher: All in! Games

Developer: Happy Corruption

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