Sniper Ghost Warrior: a day in the life of a sniper

Blacknut LeMag - 23 May 19
Hero : ©CI Games

If your favourite film is American Sniper, we have a gaming trilogy you’re sure to love: Sniper Ghost Warrior. The series immerses you in the life of an American sniper sent to the front to... “spread democracy”, of course.

Clear your mind, hold your breath, and fire.

Sniper Ghost Warrior sends you to Isla Trueno to complete a range of missions that generally share the aim of pulling off a headshot on anyone who wanders into your sights. The game stands out from other FPS through its tactical aspect: you can play Rambo if you like, but you won’t get very far.

In terms of gameplay, the game has everything you normally find in an FPS shooter and veterans of the genre will find plenty that’s familiar. For the rest, no need to panic: the first level is a tutorial. But where the game stands out is in its strategic aspect. There’s no use rushing in, an assault rifle in each hand, shooting anything that moves… unless you want to see the “mission failed” screen. With regard to realism, the game tries to stay close to reality, and factors like the wind, your breathing, the weight of the bullet, and many more all come into play when taking your shot.

©CI Games

Expect to spend a lot of time in a tropical setting, the game taking place on Isla Trueno, a fictional Latin American country. And the vegetation will be a staunch ally on your missions, as nobody can see you in the long grass. We could spend hours debating just how realistic it is, but that’s been done to death in gaming circles.

Story mode plunges you into the middle of a coup and it’s up to you, as a good fictional American soldier, to return democracy to this fictional land. It’s nothing ground-breaking, and we’re not gonna lie: the story is just a pretext for providing players with a series of levels.

So, if you want to play as a sniper lying in ambush, this game is for you.Say your farewells to those you love, the call of duty has sounded.