Serial Cleaner, spick and span!

Blacknut LeMag - 03 Nov 20
Hero : ©Draw Distance

Always dreamed of being a Mafia boss but hate violence and prefer a mop to a machine gun? Not a problem: there’s always “serial cleaning”!

We can’t stress it enough: never go to the mafia with your gambling debts.
If you need convincing why, here’s Serial Cleaner, which takes you back to the ‘70s to play as Bob Leaner, a funky thirty-something with a Magnum PI moustache. He is still living with his mum, where it seems he has become an ace with a mop and bucket.

Your job is straightforward: go in after the American mafia’s most careless assassins and clean up their crime scenes. Just one hitch: the police are already at the scene. This means you need to sneak into the murder scenes and clean up under the noses of the law, hiding bodies, evidence, and pools of blood without being spotted. And there’s plenty to keep you busy! The story unfolds between every job, as Bob’s existential dilemmas begin to appear. It’s time for a spring clean! Take care, though: despite game’s cartoon graphics, it’s still gory.

©Draw Distance

Developed by the Polish studio, iFun4all, now known as Draw Distance, Serial Cleaner can be picked up in just a few minutes and is accessible to the whole family, however much you have in common with the criminal underworld. The controls of your “cleaner” work strictly to rule: action, hoovering, and picking up. This means you can hide or block exits to make your life easier, and stay out of the police’s line of sight. And if you decide to play a more hands-on game, sneaking up behind lawmen to shamelessly knock them out, it’s right back to the first level. With its quirky tone inspired by Pulp Fiction and Fargo, Serial Cleaner is a game where discretion is the better part of valour, and the storyline can change in the blink of an eye.

©Draw Distance

Serial Cleaner goes off the beaten track of stealth games while paying tribute to the gangster films of the 70s, with a vintage touch provided by the blotting paper colour scheme.
The game uses your device’s clock to change the gameplay according to the time of day you are playing. Serial Cleaner is just like life: it’s all about taking risks!

Serial Cleaner

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