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Smurfs Kart

All about them mushrooms.

Smurfs Kart

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The most smurftastic karting game since Mario! Get behind the wheel as Papa Smurf or Smurfette and get ready for some thrilling races through the mushroom village. Drift round corners and use items like sarsaparilla leaves to get ahead. Perfect for some smurfy fun with the family. For ages 7+.

Buckle in because Smurfs Kart is here: the ultimate racing game for Smurfs big and small! Inspired by the racing adventures of one famous moustachioed plumber, this game sees you racing along tracks each smurfier than the next, from Smurf Village to the sinister abode of Gargamel. But enough of the introductions, let’s see what this game has under the hood!

Smurfs Kart - Microids - All about them mushrooms.

It's no surprise that it boasts some smurftastic kart races. Three laps around a track, a mirror Smurf to unlock, and a selection of Smurf drivers lined up on the starting grid ready to do battle on some smurfily crazy tracks. It's cute but always fast-paced! You might even say that some tracks are smurfily fast and run like a dream! But that's what you'd expect from Eden Games, the studio behind the game and known for iconic racers like V-Rally and Gear Club.

Smurfs Kart - Microids - All about them mushrooms.

We loved the variety on show across the 12 smurftastically designed tracks. There are often smurf-cuts hidden behind bushes, and even alternative routes through Peyo's world.

We liked the immediately intuitive gameplay that's fun and challenging for adults, with skids borrowed from Mario Kart. The younger Smurfs will like the semi-automatic mode, also Smurfed from the gold standard in the genre. It lets the littlest Smurfs race against their Papa Smurfs without getting totally Smurfed! With two difficulty modes, there's a challenge to be had for every Smurf. As you win races and cups, or even just tick off certain achievements during a race, you will unlock stickers which are added to the game's gallery.

Smurfs Kart - Microids - All about them mushrooms.

Kids aged 5-6 will also love collecting the stickers and girls will love the selection of new Smurfette drivers! Then there's the speed boost ramps that litter the track and let you accumulate speed boosts by pressing jump just before you reach the end of the trampoline.

Here's our smurfiest tip to help you on your way: in the Smurf Grand Prix, there are two game speeds but no different levels of difficulty. But if you choose Free Mode you can set the level of the AI (easy, normal, or hard), which items appear (with or without power-ups, or speed boosts only), and even the number of tracks and how they appear (custom, random, and in order).

Smurfs Kart - Microids - All about them mushrooms.

But the real smurfy touch in Smurfs Kart lies in its deliberate simplicity, remarkable speed, and the willing use of Peyo's world, with Smurf-ups to collect (represented by gifts to stay true to the original), shortcuts to discover to save you time, and a skid mechanic that lets you pick up extra speed.

In short, this is a smurftastic karting game for racing game aficionados!

Smurfs Kart
  • Age3


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Publisher: Microids

Developer: Eden Games

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