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A game for gamers who like a challenge… and pixel art! In this gory platformer, you’ll be solving complex puzzles while playing as two wizardly brothers. Their power is the ability to come back to life in turns. You’ll have to choose who dies before being revived. Co-op mode is gripping. Fans of speedruns might also end up putting hours and hours into the game.

In the colourful slang of modern-day gaming, there’s one expression that’s a kind of distress signal that players use to say that they are dead and desperately need resurrected, and quick: “REZ PLZ”! It’s an apt name for this game, a gory platformer where death is inevitable, even advised!

Which is unfortunate for Arcan and Zeph, the two brother wizards who you will sacrifice again and again in order to advance in this blood-soaked saga. And having seen the traps that lie ahead, it’s safe to say that their many deaths will be neither glorious nor nice to watch... quite the contrary! Spikes in the floor or walls, lava flows, and fireballs, not to mention the game’s monstruous bosses: there’s plenty of ways to die before bringing yourself back to life using you precious Laz stones and a magic scroll.

REZ PLZ - Graffiti Games - No rest for the dead!

Developed by Long Neck Games, REZ PLZ is a 2D co-op platformer in a pixel art style, where death is a central gameplay mechanic. Indeed, death is what will enable you to get past most of the obstacles blocking the path of you and your teammate. Relying heavily on your wits and making judicious use of your Laz stones, you’ll make it through the first few levels without a hitch, no matter how experienced a gamer you are or how much you can stand the sight of blood.

The game does get a smidgen more complicated beyond there, though, but your crack team will unlock new powers with every new chapter, like the ability to turn to stone, summon a dragon, or move objects with telekinesis! With all those skills at your disposal, there’s no excuse for not digging out the 36 well-hidden secrets found in the game.

REZ PLZ - Graffiti Games - No rest for the dead!

You can also try out the two player co-op mode for added fun and, in a real treat for platformer pros, REZ PLZ serves up different game modes, like Speedrun, where you’ll try to complete the levels as quickly as possible, and God Mode, with unlimited lives. The Grim Reaper’s got nothing on you!

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Publisher: Graffiti Games

Developer: Long Neck Games

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