Ready, Steady, Ship!

Ready, Steady, Ship!

Packed and stacked!

Ready, Steady, Ship!

Ready, Steady, Ship!

Untold Tales

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A hilarious party game designed for local co-op. Channel your inner Jeff Bezos as you dive into the chaotic world of a fulfilment centre where you'll be building conveyor belts and beating increasingly complex challenges using outlandish tools in a madcap atmosphere. Will you get the goods shipped on time? A worthy successor to Overcooked.

When you receive a delivery, do you ever stop to think about the process it has been through to get to your door? Well, if you feel like you've missed your calling in logistics working in a busy Amazon or Ikea fulfilment centre, you'll love this party game that puts your grey matter to work shipping parcels, and that can tend dangerously towards frustration.

Ready, Steady, Ship! - Untold Tales - Packed and stacked!

Ready Steady Ship! is similar to games like Tools Up and Moving Up, with a bit of Overcooked thrown in for good measure. In this game, you'll need to beat the clock to earn as many points as you can, planning ahead for breakdowns and tracking down the parcels dotted all around the warehouse.

As you progress, you'll need to juggle an increasing number of jobs, using a forklift truck to move pallets of goods around.

Ready, Steady, Ship! - Untold Tales - Packed and stacked!

Very soon, you'll also need to manage the packaging foam, or grapple with a space hoover as you strive to stay ahead of the chaos. Add in some forklift trucks, cranes, and even spring-loaded conveyor belts that throw packages through the air, and you know you're going to be having fun.

You start the game with a broken conveyor belt, and your first job is to repair it ASAP. You just need to slide the right parts into the right positions, then turn them so that they point in the right direction. Piece of cake.

Ready, Steady, Ship! - Untold Tales - Packed and stacked!

We liked how easy it is to pick up and play. Whatever your age or level of gaming experience, the game holds your hand as it gradually teaches you new controls as and when you need them.
But don't be fooled by appearances: the game might look cute and seem like it's going to be an easy ride, but it's anything but! The animations are smooth, the character models polished, and the audio design is addictive.

Our advice to help you on your way? The game lets you skip some levels with an emergency button that unlocks the next level. As each level is made up of several areas, you'll need to complete the three areas and shipments within a given time to earn a particular number of stars.

Ready, Steady, Ship! - Untold Tales - Packed and stacked!

If you're looking for a great co-op game to play with friends or family, Ready, Steady, Ship! definitely deserves its place on your list of games to try. With enough of a challenge to keep you hooked but not so hard that it'll put you off, the game is as cute as it is frenetic. So, are you ready to take on this logistical nightmare?

Ready, Steady, Ship!
  • Age3


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Publisher: Untold Tales

Developer: Martynas Cibulis

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