The best parties always end up in the kitchen!

Are you a Gordon Ramsay fan who dreams of winning MasterChef? Is cooking serious business? This over-the-top game might not be for you...



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It all begins with your homeland under attack from a giant spaghetti monster. If you don’t feed the monster, fireballs fall from the sky and it’s the end of the world. But help is at hand: you find yourself on top of a building with brand new stoves straight out of Kitchen Nightmares.

Unfortunately, just like in the TV show, you aren’t up to scratch and dinner is a disaster. You and your three assistants start cooking and... “You’re Fired” and it’s the end of the world!

Team17 Digital Ltd Ghost Town Games Ltd. Overcooked

Often in Party Games, the story is just a pretext, but in Overcooked, it’s a real treat!

The aim of the game is to collect basic ingredients, put them on a chopping board, send the chopped ingredients off to be cooked, and place the prepped plates on a conveyor belt that delivers them to the ravenous regulars. You’ll have to be efficient and coordinate your movements if you are to succeed in this stressful environment.

To get the job done well, your team of chefs will have to be as coordinated as possible. Grab three tomatoes, or three onions, to make a salad or soup, then chop the former without forgetting to heat the latter... and never let them burn. Whether you’re playing alone or in a team of four, the gameplay is always the same.

Team17 Digital Ltd Ghost Town Games Ltd. Overcooked

You have two minutes (or four in higher levels) to get as many plates to your customers as possible, as they wait on the other side of the serving hatch.
You’ll be crying with laughter, not just because of the onions.
And of course, the dishes get more and more complicated to make!
It starts with a simple tomato salad, but the challenge will soon ramp up in difficulty. Your next dish will be a burger with salad, patty, and bread, fish and chips, a pizza with four toppings or even a burrito!

And as if that wasn’t complicated enough, your kitchens are based in impossible places: on an ice floe with a slippery floor, on a boat that rolls and pitches, and in the middle of an earthquake...

Overcooked is a cute game, suitable for players aged 7+. It’s easy to pick up and play and has unlimited replayability.

So let’s get cooking… even without any help from Nigella!



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