Orten Was The Case

Orten Was The Case

12 minutes to save the world

Orten Was The Case

Orten Was The Case

Woodhill Interactive

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A totally new time loop concept, just like Groundhog Day. Each day lasts 12 minutes, and ends at 11:17am with a nuclear explosion. You'll be using the clues and knowledge you pick up to avert disaster. It's an engrossing challenge that might be stressful for some gamers, with its weird atmosphere and a quirky tone all of its own.

If you loved the movies Groundhog Day and Edge of Tomorrow, and if you enjoyed the whole Homiez vibe, this is the game for you.
Orten Was the Case is a game in a class of its own that's immediately striking thanks to its disturbing character design, weird atmosphere, and quirky tone. It serves up a unique gaming experience and is proud to be a videogaming oddball.

Orten Was The Case - Woodhill Interactive - 12 minutes to save the world

The plot is a straightforward one: you wake up every morning 12 minutes before the end of the world, leaving you with 12 minutes to save it. When you fail, you'll wake up again with another 12 minutes for you to apply what you learned in the last time loop.

We liked the time loop concept and its puzzle solving mechanics. The idea of reliving the same moments again and again, learning from every last attempt in order to advance through the story is a very interesting one.

Orten Was The Case - Woodhill Interactive - 12 minutes to save the world

We loved its grungy, hand-drawn aesthetic that brings a fictional but dilapidated Swedish city to life. Its narrow streets, clapped out buildings, and oddball characters combine to create a truly unique atmosphere.

Orten Was The Case - Woodhill Interactive - 12 minutes to save the world

Our tip to help you on your way? If you start to feel a bit lost, pay attention to every detail. The perspectives can sometimes be unsettling, but any part of the environment might just conceal the solution to a puzzle or a vital clue to make progress. Make good use of your journal and timelines to keep track of your discoveries and plan your actions.

For example: if you find yourself at an impassable precipice after finding the bootlicker, never fear! Instead of trying to scale it, head off in the opposite direction. You'll find a cave in the left-hand wall and climb short staircase.

Orten Was The Case - Woodhill Interactive - 12 minutes to save the world

Orten was the Case also uses its plot to touch on some deep themes. Beyond Ziggy's quest to solve the time loop, the game also explores existential and social questions. A rare thing indeed!
Despite its surrealist design that might put some people off, the game serves up an engrossing adventure driven by innovative gameplay, an engaging plot, and crafty puzzles. Here at Blacknut, we love seeing games with innovative concepts like this one!

Orten Was The Case
  • Age16


  • SmartTvDesktopMobileTablet


  • Solo


  • GamepadKeyboardTouch


Publisher: Woodhill Interactive

Developer: Woodhill Interactive

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