NERF Legends

NERF Legends

A fast-paced FPS for fans of foam bullets

NERF Legends

NERF Legends

GameMill Entertainment

In this futuristic shooter, guns have been replaced with the toy every kid wants: those famous NERF blasters with their foam arrows! This is an FPS that's clearly designed for kids, but those aged under 10 might need a bit of help from their parents.

Hasbro's iconic NERF blasters left their mark on many of our childhoods. These fun weapons with their foam projectiles are unanimously popular with the kids, and here they'll be able to use them to shoot at the bad guys as they take on legions of robotic enemies and some very tough bosses. Great fun!

NERF Legends - GameMill Entertainment - A fast-paced FPS for fans of foam bullets

We liked the tangible influence of Fortnite and Call of Duty.

NERF Legends reveals itself to be a competitive shooter that makes no secret of its inspiration. Its artistic direction is straight out of Fortnite, and it (almost) plays just like Call of Duty, giving younger players a variety of weapons to play with, switching between a revolver and machine gun in the blink of an eye. The weapons are unlocked as you progress and can all be customised.

Before you get stuck in, you'll need to kit out your hero with a melee weapon, a sidearm, and an assault weapon.

Locked and loaded, the shooting experience is a bit unusual: this isn't a real gun like in other FPS out there, but a somewhat clumsy toy. Kids will feel right at home.

NERF Legends - GameMill Entertainment - A fast-paced FPS for fans of foam bullets

A little tip to help you on your way: throughout your adventure in NERF Legends, your choice of blaster is crucial. The Judge is fantastic for dealing out high damage at short range; the Mega Centurion is perfect for long distance sniping; while the Ultra One is perfectly balanced for mid-range combat.

Each blaster has unique specs, so take the time to play around with them to find the one that best matches your playstyle.

NERF Legends - GameMill Entertainment - A fast-paced FPS for fans of foam bullets

The game is played entirely in first-person, in a single-player mode made up of 15-40 minute challenges. Particularly appealing to kids who aren't used to first-person shooters (FPS), the game stands out for the fantastic artistic direction in some of its levels.

Be warned! While the game world might appeal to the youngest gamers with its bright colours, you need to know how to read, with short texts on screen informing you of your objectives.

Our favourite part? The original gameplay. This is an FPS with strong platforming elements, forcing players to jump from one platform to another in search of switches to unlock the way forward. There are also some really cleverly designed little puzzles.

NERF Legends - GameMill Entertainment - A fast-paced FPS for fans of foam bullets

The single-player campaign in NERF Legends takes players on a journey through different worlds, like Fortress Siege, Panic in the Jungle, and Ragnarok, as well as the space port. Each world contains different levels where you'll have to use your blasters to take out waves of enemies while solving puzzles along the way. Before you dive into these challenges, you'll need to put in a bit of practice to master the basics of the game, namely shooting, jumping, and running, as well as learning the enemies' weaknesses and how to solve puzzles.

This is a great introduction to FPS for gamers aged 9/10 who know how to read and like playing platform games.

NERF Legends
  • Age7


  • SmartTvDesktopMobileTablet


  • Solo


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Publisher: GameMill Entertainment

Developer: FUN labs Romania S.R.L.

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