Mystery Castle: The Mirror's Secret

A haunted adventure!

A point and click game that's beautiful but bleak with some fantastic hidden object sequences, dozens of little plot lines to keep players engaged, and surprisingly good graphics... The perfect game for some downtime if you're looking for some thrills without the chills.

😢 We are sorry, this game is currently not available.

In Mystery Castle, a mother on a night-time walk with her daughter decides to sit down on the lawn in front of a castle to read Little Red Riding Hood to her daughter (weird, we know). All of a sudden, an evil sorcerer by the name of Grot appears and runs off into the castle with the woman's daughter. When the mother gives chase, she finds a broken mirror, and so begins travelling through the castle’s paintings to find broken shards and rescue her daughter.

The gameplay mechanics are straightforward and anyone can play, but be warned: once you enter a room in the castle, there's no way out until you've completed all of the tasks in that room (apart from the optional ones).

Each room contains a character who Grot has turned into a ghost, and each ghost needs you to solve a puzzle in order to free them. You'll need to explore the room until you've completed the task, whereupon the ghost is freed and you can move on to the next room.

We liked how each level is different and how much variety there is in the tasks you are asked to complete. You'll never get bored, all the more so because this is a pretty short game with a playtime of just 2.5 hours in easy mode.

Our favourite part? The richly detailed environments. The artwork is simply spectacular.

You start off in a dungeon with complex skeletal columns, and a mysterious orc-like creature chained to the walls. You save him, and then you're whisked off to a kids' playroom filled with extremely detailed and fabulously fantastical drawings. The next area is a music room decorated with amazing works of art, inhabited by a terrifying robotic orchestra. It's all so beautiful!

Our advice? Remember that if you don't collect all of the items and solve all of the puzzles before placing all of the skulls in the final scene, you might be stuck there forever! This is a linear game and there's no going back to do things again.

A great unpretentious little game that's not that scary after all, and perfect for when you've got slow internet.

😢 We are sorry, this game is currently not available.