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Fans of ponies with flashy manes will love this adorable management game where, in addition to rebuilding Ponyville, you’ll play minigames like helping the ponies to gather apples, or flying off in search of items. A quality introduction to management games.

Everyone knows the colourful, dynamic world of My Little Pony. But dd you know that it started as just a collection of toys in the 1980s?

My Little Pony - Gameloft - Rebuilding Ponyville

These colourful ponies soon became pop culture icons, and their popularity sent the franchise galloping towards a TV series of their own. Since then, generations of toys, cartoons, and video games have sprung up, evolving and introducing new characters, new colours, and new icons.

This time, you'll get to play as your favourite heroes like Twilight Sparkle, Rainbow Dash, Applejack, Rarity, Fluttershy, and Pinkie Pie. Together, you'll be doing battle with Nightmare Moon, who has returned to plunge Ponyville into darkness. It's up to you and your pony pals to bring your town back to life.

The characters are voiced by the same actors as the cartoon for a familiar experience, one which is further enhanced by the tune that plays in Ponyville.

My Little Pony - Gameloft - Rebuilding Ponyville

We liked the accessible take on city management. My Little Pony serves up a much-simplified city management experience, where you need to rebuild Ponyville and rescue the ponies who have disappeared in the darkness. To do so, you'll need to build homes for the ponies by collecting plots of land and developing the town with houses and shops.

To fund your building efforts, you earn money by placing game stalls or food for your ponies. As you progress through the game, you'll also earn coins and gems by reaching new levels or completing random quests like building stalls or collecting crystals. The building is easy and it's cute to customise the houses while adding shops, attractions, and decorations to make your town as pretty and as welcoming as possible.

My Little Pony - Gameloft - Rebuilding Ponyville

Our favourite part? The variety of gameplay. In addition to managing the town, you can upgrade your ponies' skills by playing minigames that include ball games and picking apples. These minigames let each pony level up, unlocking new abilities. When you manage to fill a star while playing the minigames, you'll unlock extra challenges where you'll need to take your pony flying to collect as many coins as possible, all while avoiding storm clouds.

Our advice to help you on your way? In My Little Pony, you'll sometimes need to make strategic decisions between investing in new ponies, upgrading the ones you've got, or expanding your town. It's always best to expand your town!

My Little Pony - Gameloft - Rebuilding Ponyville

What makes the whole experience even more special is that you can access all of the game's content with no in-game purchases!

My Little Pony is a perfect game for some quality time with the kids. Whether that's helping the youngest master the minigames or discovering the secrets of Ponyville together, you can give free rein to your creativity as you watch your very own Ponyville come to life before your very eyes!

My Little Pony
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Publisher: Gameloft

Developer: Gameloft

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