MotoGP 20

MotoGP 20

The gold standard in motorbike racing

MotoGP 20

MotoGP 20


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A fantastic Career mode alternating between races, team management, R&D, and contract negotiations; great gameplay and AI that really lives up to the hype, not to mention the official Moto GP, Moto2, and Moto3 categories along with all of their race tracks… all you need for a unanimously applauded game. Be aware, though, that because it’s a hardcore sim, there is a bit of a learning curve.

On the virtual motorbike racing landscape, there’s one game that has emerged as the undisputed champion since 2020: MotoGP. Developed by Milestone, the game provides a high-octane and immersive experience that has caused a storm with motorbike racing fans the world over. No mean feat!

MotoGP 20 - Milestone - The gold standard in motorbike racing

But there's one thing it's vital to know before you even start: this is an extremely demanding sim! From the very first revs of your engine, MotoGP20 impresses with its intuitive controls and smooth handling. The sensations out on the track are riveting: here, the bikes are extremely responsive, but that also means greater precision and predictability, giving players total control over their mounts. But to reach that level of control, there's a steep learning curve that will have you starting over again and again. This game is never about simple arcade racing thrills!

We liked how the game emphasises the importance of the braking sequences, where the full subtlety of your riding skills come into play. Managing the rear wheel is vital, bringing a strategic dimension and an additional layer of mastery to every corner.

MotoGP 20 - Milestone - The gold standard in motorbike racing

Our favourite part? Career Mode. It's one of the game's undeniable highlights, with the ability to create your own rider and carve out a path to glory in the competitive world of MotoGP. But becoming a champion means doing far more than just winning races: you'll need to manage your team's contracts, upgrade your bikes, and make strategic decisions... factors which all prove critical to your career progression. Every decision counts, and each race is an opportunity to earn experience and reputation, with every success or failure having a direct impact on your rider's future.
On top of all that, before you head over to the start line you can customise your character with a racing suit, helmet, and livery in your own preferred colours, for a more personalised gaming experience.

MotoGP 20 - Milestone - The gold standard in motorbike racing

When it comes to the graphics, MotoGP20 serves up a faithful reproduction of both the tracks and the scenery. While some may find that the graphics lack the finesse of other racing sims, they in no way impede enjoyment of the game. The depth of the content, teams, and riders from Moto3 all the way through to MotoGP, including historical bikes and racing challenges, all guarantee hours of total immersion.

Our advice for motivated and patient beginners: Moto3 is an excellent place to start, letting you get stuck into upgrading your bike from your very first race. And if adjusting the suspension, tyre pressure, handlebar angles, and gearbox seems far too complicated, there's always an "engineer" at hand to help.

MotoGP 20 - Milestone - The gold standard in motorbike racing

So, whether you're an enthusiastic novice looking to get into the joys of MotoGP racing, or a seasoned rider who wants to put their skills to the test, MotoGP20 is an experience that will have you feeling those high-speed thrills on every corner. So, fasten your helmet, start your engine, and get ready for some unbridled two-wheeled excitement.

MotoGP 20
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Publisher: Milestone

Developer: Milestone

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