Monster Crown

Monster Crown

A darker take on Pokémon

Monster Crown

Monster Crown


A Pokemon GBA-like for adults. The monsters aren't in any way friendly, the environment is full of danger, and the plot is a dark, difficult one that deals with themes like war, misery, and death... The "flee" option is much more important here than in the Pokemon games, because here it might just save your life. There are 200 monsters to combine for hours of farming fun. One for the big kids.

If you ever find yourself hankering after the old 2D Pokémon games with their pixellated graphics just like when you were a kid, then Monster Crown might be just the game you're looking for. While retaining the gameplay of Pokémon Red, Monster Crown stands out for its much darker game world.

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Dive right into an adventure set on Crown Island, collecting and breeding more than 100 monsters and making moral decisions that all help shape your destiny.

Just be warned: difficulty is the hallmark of Monster Crown. Unlike more recent Pokémon games, using just one or two monsters to crush your enemies won't work here. The combat is arduous, and can sometimes even seem random. This is definitely a game for adults.

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Whereas the Pokémon and Digimon mainly move in a way that matches their class, the monsters in Monster Crown are usually capable of at least two kinds of movement, making them all an immediate threat. They are eminently dangerous, and you're on, the menu!

We liked the 2D nostalgia. Monster Crown fully embraces the retro style of the Pokémon games from back in the day, serving up a familiar experience to anyone who grew up with the games. The exploration of different environments, from deserts to enchanted forests, helps to make the journey original and interesting.

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The way to catch monsters in Monster Crown is different to in Pokémon. Instead of capturing them in a ball, you make a pact with them after weakening them in combat. Some creatures will stipulate specific conditions in return for surrendering to you, which brings a unique diplomacy dimension to the gameplay. Between tactics and diplomacy, always be willing to try different approaches to get the monsters on-side.
Our favourite part? The surprise evolutions. You can breed any monster with any other, which produces some amazing combinations.

You'll need to play around with the evolutions and combinations, because each monster can evolve in different ways depending on how you breed them. This unpredictability adds a strategic layer to the game, because you'll be creating unique monsters with amazing abilities.

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Our advice to help you on your way? Turn off shared experience points at the start of the game, so that each monster can level up quicker. Monster Crown has it turned on by default, which is useful when you're trying to catch weaker monsters: XP is shared out across the group rather than being individually allocated.

Monster Crown isn't just a monster breeding game, though, it also comes with an engrossing story. And far from being mere collector's items, the monsters become your real allies in a world where the balance between humans and monsters is at stake. If you're looking for a Pokémon-like that's definitely aimed at an adult audience, then Monster Crown more than deserves a spot in your game library.

Monster Crown
  • Age12


  • SmartTvDesktopMobileTablet


  • Solo


  • GamepadKeyboardTouch


Publisher: SOEDESCO

Developer: Studio Aurum

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